Caso Induction Cooker-Your Choice

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Caso Induction Cooker-Your Choice
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Dang it. I do need two of these, but only one review on Amazon, tho positive and honest, irks me.

I’ll sleep on it…

Does the 12300 also have Automatic overheating protection?

Looks good but missing coupon code.

Williams Sonoma has 4 reviews for the higher end $500 1800 model. 2@1 and 2@5

I’ll wait for more Woot discussion.

This Amazon page has a lot more reviews for the C21 model:

A $500 Williams Sonoma item is probably $25-50 elsewhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy whichever is a newer model.
1600 has a larger surface area (which is more welcome for stability/safety, regardless of extra features).

I use different brand cooker and I love, just wish it had more surface.

Do I need to use special or different type of pots and pans to make it work? Thanks!

If a magnet sticks to the bottom of a pan it should work with an induction cooker.

Not so good reviews on Amazon

I think one of the reviewers is out to get Caso. Check out all of the reviews on this page:

Safty and portability are the main features of these counter top units. They have about half the power of stove top induction units and will take longer to boil water than a gas burner (per Cook’s Countty testing).

A few years ago I replaced an ancient stove in my house. Was looking at induction cooktops, but they require double the power, and thus rewiring, over standard stove cooktops. So it would make sense that a wall-powered induction cooktop would be half the power of a built-in.

It cooks using a magnetic field therefore any pan a magnet will stick to will work. I’ve used a different brand of these for three or more years and love it. There are so many advantages but not every pan will work. Try the magnet test.

If you have an RV this is a MUST HAVE! I have a different brand but absolutely love having the induction cooker in my RV. I almost never use the propane stove. The cooker saves propane, uses the campground electric, keeps the RV cooler (huge plus), boils water much faster, etc. There are no negatives other than having to have induction specific cookware (which woot happens to be selling today). I had a semi-difficult time finding the cookware I wanted (all non-stick) at a price I was willing to pay as much of the induction cookware is way overpriced.

Can I get a ruling on the dimensions? That’s some inverted documentation there.

Ikea is a decent source if you have one close.

I bought another brand of induction unit on impulse a couple of years ago, and after I figured out how to use it, I use it for just about everything. My gas stove is mostly extra counter space, now.

Water boils quickly and foods that need precise amounts of heat, like eggs, cook up perfectly.

IKEA carries some reasonably priced pots and pans that’ll work with an induction cooker. If you’re in doubt, just walk 'em over to the nearby magnetic strip that they sell as a knife holder, and see if they stick!

Would this work as the heating element in a homemade ceramic cooker a la the one Alton Brown made on Good Eats.

Something about this seems safer than the electric heating elements on a cheap burner from Walmart.

Would there be anything that would prevent this from being a good idea in a smoker?