Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan - Gray

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Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan - Gray
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This is one big box, I’ll tell you. When the door cracked on the litterbox I had been using, I ordered this one to replace it. I have only one cat (but he’s borderline magnificent), & this is sort of like having a palace to poop in. My guy loves it,

A few months ago we needed a new litter box, and I spent far too much time reading reviews about litter boxes. This is the one that I concluded was the best, and it hasn’t disappointed. Some thought actually went into the design of this box. We have another crappy litter box in the basement that I purchased at a local discount store, and I am tempted to buy another one of these to replace it.

I bought this exact style litter box about a month ago, and have been very satisfied with it. Even my porkiest cat can get in and out without a problem, and the top latches securely and unlatches easily. This is a decent price, too. I just won my first ever BOC (well, BOPC), and if I could figure out how to use the $5.00 shipping charge to buy this as well, I would get another litter box. Help, anybody?

Can you tell us what it is that you like about it? I have 3 cats, 2 hooded litter boxes and 1 regular litter box. And one of the cats doesn’t really like using a litter box. (AARRGGHH!!) But anyway, I was wondering if the door keeps the cats from scattering the litter around when they get come out of it. Even the hooded ones that I have (without doors) end up with litter around them on the floor. Thanks

I purchased this box 8 month ago and it works great. Cat transitioned from an open box to a closed one very well. No more litter kicked out of the box. He does manage to get some out when he exits but it’s right in front of the door and not much at all. Great buy at this price.

The box is pretty deep, so that along with the door will help keep the litter inside the box. There is far less ‘escaped’ litter from it than my other crappy litter box. However, the best thing I found for easy litter clean-up is this mat:

The door will only stop the litter from being scattered out of the box when they are scraping away.
Unfortunately the litter will still stick to bottom of their paws, but stopping the wave of litter from shooting out of the box should help quite a bit.

I was wondering the same thing. I also got the BOC a little bit ago and am going to buy a couple of the heavy petting items. Is there a way to not pay the $5 shipping charge again? I didn’t see anything addressing this issue in the FAQ. Thanks

It isn’t 100%, but most of the litter stays in the pan. I use this this under the litter box, and it also helps a lot:

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OK, so the hyperlink didn’t work, sorry. I bought this at Amazon for about $19.95, but you can get it at various sites online and probably in pet stores as well: PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat.

Thanks for the help everyone. I’ve debated about getting a litter mat. I’ll check out the ones you guys mentioned.

I have one of these for my (one [not too fat]) cat, mostly because he’s turned into a finicky little brat over where he wants to pee. I had hoped giving him more room would work, but nooo.

Anyway, my only beef with mine is that the door doesn’t quite fit for some reason: it doesn’t swing completely free because it catches on the lip. My cat can still get in and out, but it takes a wee bit of force. Otherwise, get some jumbo (and tough) liners, and you can pretty easily clean it as well. (I admit to using a jumbo cardboard disposable litter pan inside as well, so I don’t have to scrub down the entire thing all the time.) Works great with clumping pine litter, too: there’s almost no smell.

Just wanted to pass on an idea that was shared with us when we took in a stray, nearly drowned and abandoned kitten a few years ago. No matter what I did, I could not get her to use a litter box. She was about to be taken to the pound because I just could not handle cleaning up after her any more. We went to a pet store and asked if there was ANYTHING we could do. “Cat Attract” litter was recommended to us. After bringing it home and filling the litter box with it, it was less than 20 minutes before she used it. And has used a litter box ever since. Saved her life!! (And my sanity!)

I’ve owned this litter box for over 3 years and I love it. It is a huge box, so be prepared for that. But it truly is large enough for my “big boned” kitty to turn around in with ease, and our problem with litter being kicked out of the box decreased significantly. My cat has a thing with doors so we removed the flap of ours. I also find it’s much easier to scoop the litter out of this box. You don’t have to take the entire top off like you do with most other boxes. Just lift the top flap (you don’t even HAVE to do that), and scoop. I really cant recommend this box enough.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract

Can work wonders to get cats to use the box. You can buy the litter or an additive to use w/ plain clumping unscented litter.
I think the litter is best, as it’s very low dust. I do use Dr. E. Precious Cat Ultra b/c it has so much less dust then other litter. The Cat Attract version is the same. They currently have a $2 off coupon on the Cat Attract litter.

I have this litter box, too, though I didn’t do any research first. I used to have an automated one and it become more trouble than it was worth, so I went back to a standard. My slightly above average size cat loves this one. I do not use the door as he likes to use it with his head out the hole, but I love it. The only challenge I have had is I prefer to use liners to help with cleanup. This box is so big that most liners (even though they say Jumbo) don’t really fit. The only one I have found that fits is this one: