Celltronix Stylus Pen Set – 2 Pack


Android Users never have this problem!

Buy It page crapped out and so I did not get any…

Perfect stocking stuffers too.

Anyone get theirs yet? Mine seems to be stuck in the pothole called Martinsburg, West Virginia since the 27th. This happened with one of my woot items in April too. Darn you Martinsburg! DARN YOU!

I received mine today, and got stiffed. There was just one set in the box.

Sorry about that. I’m sending you a PM for some more information.

Hi @kkshields. Same thing happened to me as well; just one set in the box. Maybe order fulfillment thought that since there’s two pens in a set it constitutes a 2 pack?

Sent in an inquiry to service@woot.com.

sad face Me, too. I ordered 2 -2packs and got one of each.

yah, I ordered 2 2-packs and only got one of each

This is a common misconception.

All touch based devices now are either resistive or capacitive based. The resistive touch items work with anything including an old pen, but they need to be re-calibrated regularly and can go bad. These touch screens can be used with gloves in harsh environments.

On the other hand, capacitive touch is based on how the human body modifies the capacitive nature of a wire when close to it. Now these effects are small, so you have to be fairly close. That means if you use standard medical gloves you’re fine, but winter mittens and it just doesn’t work. These are for the capsense based devices, which is most phones and tablets.

An interesting thing to note here, capsense based solutions do not wear out nor do they need re-calibration. The difference is the clear wires (made from ito) are embedded in the glass. Position is not inferred like in resistive touch.

Heat never enters into the equation. Water, now that’s a different matter. Water tends to act like the human body and can cause capsense solutions to misbehave.

Given the size of the nub on the stylus and the distance between wires, it should be fine for most uses.

For more info Capacitive sensing - Wikipedia.

Looks like I got shorted as well, I bought 3 2-packs.

As it says here:

2 small pens and 2 large pens.

I only got 3 total.

Me too. I ordered 3 2-pack sets, and only got 3 sets total.

at least you guys got yours, mine is still stuck in Martinsburg, West Virginia. My bagofcrap was sent 6 days after the stylus pens and has departed from Martinsburg already. I think my stylus pens will never be arriving to me…

Haven’t received that PM yet.

what i understood from the posting is i get two sets of two pens each.

however i got only one set.

did i misunderstand or was i robbed?

Just got a reply from service@woot.com, they’ll be sending out an e-mail soon explaining the situation.

For reference here’s what I sent:
To the honorable Woot monkey High Priest or Priestess,
There appears to be a problem with the fulfillment of these orders, which is causing much distress among your devotees. Details can be found here: http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5008222. Basically, if you read the description carefully, it says a 2 pack of a short and long pointer, or 4 pointing devices in total.

Seeing this great deal I was in for 3.  Here's where it gets a little problematic.  3 orders times 4 pointing devices should be 12 pointing devices in total, 6 long and 6 short.  I got 6 in total, 3 long and 3 short.  I'm not the only one.

Now it may be we angered the gods for jumping on such a good deal, instead of letting someone younger and more deserving take it. If this is indeed divine punishment, let me know and I shall immediately sacrifice a sheep to the great ! in the sky.  If instead this is clerical error by the shipping monkeys, be lenient with them.  During Woot-off packing, things must get crazy and I'm sure the instructions were difficult to understand with all those kitty pictures on the forums.

Please let me know what I should do.  I hope this letter brings a smile to your face,
Follower of Woot.

Sorry about that. We’re currently working on a solution to this issue. We will be sending out an email shortly with an explanation.


And now this arrived:
Hey GuardianBob,

The French phase for “our bad” is “faux pas.” Well, unfortunately we’re emailing today to say, faux pas, GuardianBob! Faux pas!

Or wait, maybe we should say we’ve committed a faux pas? At any rate, what we’re getting at is that we made a little boo boo with your recent order of Celltronix Stylus Pens. You ordered two 2-packs of pens, but we accidentally sent you one.

But not to worry: we’re sending that second pack right away. So if your first 2-pack is looking lonely, fret not; its comrade in e-ink will be arriving shortly!

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns. Until then, good bye, or as the French say, “oh reservoir!”

Apologetically yours,

Wait, I got mine and was in for 3. I got 1 set of each color I bought, if I’m supposed to be getting 2 sets per set I should have gotten 6 items, not 3 correct? If so then I got ripped off by half. I only got 3 pieces.

Yeah I got only one set, but Woot is sending me the other one.

Thank You woot for realizing what happened and hooking us up with the rest of our orders

Funny how in the last 2 woot offs, and my only 2 woot offs that I’ve been a part of, I bought 3 things each time. a bag of crap, speakers and glow sticks the first time and a bag of crap, headphones and stylus sticks the second time. Both listening devices came fast, both bags of craps took the usual time for them and both stick orders were cut in half, however the glow sticks were crazy fast while the stylus ones were very slow.

Yes, did Woot! not e-mail you saying they were shipping the rest?

They said I only bought 2 and that they were sending me 1 to make up for it? But I should be getting 3 because I bought 3 sets and only got 3 out of the 6 packs of 2.