Char-Broil Kettleman™ Tru-Infrared™ 22.5" Charcoal Grill

Will this work with Alexa?

Why do grills claim “infrared” as a selling point?

Infrared = heat

It’s like youre trying to sell water by saying it’s “wet”

Truth in advertising. :slight_smile:

Wait, water is wet?

Spend $15 more and get a Weber Kettle. You won’t regret it 15 years from now when it’s still outperforming any other kettle grill available.

Have this grill. Decent grill for the price point, but will replace it with something better when it dies. It does a decent job at low and slow with the reverse sear, though the short distance between the coals and the food make smoking a near impossible proposition. Grate is made cheaply - having some rust spots after only one season of use. Easy to clean and dump coals, and it is solidly built.
Most accessories built for the weber kettle will not work on this grill - be warned.

Their claim of infrared is far more truthful than your claim of water being wet. Water isn’t wet. Wetness is a description of our experience of water; what happens to us when we come into contact with water in such a way that it impinges on our state of being. We, or our possessions, ‘get wet’.

For anyone studying for the SAT or ACT, here is a more appropriate comparison:

“Infrared is to heat as water is to liquid”

If you wanted to use the water/wet analogy, then it would be thus:

“Infrared is to hot as liquid is to wet”

And yes, I had nothing better to do today!