Choice of Powerbag 6000mAh Charging Bag

**Item: **Choice of Powerbag 6000mAh Charging Bag
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Let’s watch a video on the messenger bag [youtube=l8yLTv9k59E][/youtube]

Also, lets check out it’s product page

If you’re a convention goer these really are lifesavers. Lots of room, lots of battery life. If you have an iPhone 5 you can get a Lightning adapter for a few bucks on Amazon. These can also charge a 3DS via USB if you’re a gamer!

I got a messenger bag last time these were offered. Have been using it for a couple weeks and love it, especially for the price. Plenty of room without being too bulky, mini- and micro-USB and Apple adapter built in as well as a full-size USB port when needed.

I got this bag a few months back, right before starting medical school. As a school/work bag, it’s great. Lots of functionality and good build quality. Plenty of little pockets too.

It easily holds all my notes and folders (like most bags), BUT also comfortably holds my ultrabook and iPad at the same time.

Having the built in charger/battery has already helped me a handful of times and my friends are always amazed when I can charge their dead iPad or cell phone in times of need.

If you need a bag, I recommend this one!

It does not support new iPad or iPhone with smaller connectors. But I guess you can buy an adapter for $30 at Apple and then you’re set.

[MOD: iPhone 5, iPod nano and iPad may be charged with their own USB cable through Powerbag’s on-board USB port]

MaxBoost has a 10000 mAH charger with dual USB outputs for $30. Check deals.woot for the code offer ends today. It’s a kick-ass charger that can probably fully power an iPhone 5 times. I bought two.

Does this charge laptops? The husband does not have a smart phone (he has an old flip phone), so this would be a waste of moola if that’s all it charges.

I got one a few months back and there are dedicated iPhone, micro and mini usb connectors in the two front zip pouches. They are not mentioned in the manual so I “discovered” them after weeks of use… these connectors took the functionaliy from a “meh” to a “cool” for me.

I bought the Slingbag version back in May, really excited to use it.

Pro: Super comfortable, stayed easily on my shoulder when walking around.

Pro: Lots of pockets! I carried my laptop, iPad, xBox Game controller (for Steam games), my mouse, a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, and a laptop charger, plus odds and ends. I crammed that baby full, so I know the other, bigger bags, like the Messenger, can carry a lot.

Pro: Pass-thru charging - nice capability. Meant I didn’t have to get out my mini power strip, except for the laptop.

CON: The battery to charge while everything was in the bag? It would never keep a charge. I didn’t want to go home every night and just have to plug it back in and make sure it was keeping full. I contacted the company about how to buy extra power cables, figured why not? just keep one plugged in at home, one plugged in at work, and when I get those places, plug in the bag - but it’s not available to buy extra power cables.
I have an iGeek charger - I can go months without using that badboy and pick it up to charge my phone and it’s still full.

BIG CON: I bought the bag in March…the battery completely died in May. I actually got to use it’s c charging powers out in the field maybe once? Every other time I went to use it, the battery was dead. And I had considered multiple times before then to just buy an extra battery…but the battery alone, via their website, costs more than what I paid for the entire bag on Woot! :frowning:

So, I still continued to use the bag for a while - it IS comfortable and easy to use…but then I recently got a 2nd USB monitor for my laptop, and it doesn’t fit easily in the bag with the laptop, even though I cleaned some things out, so I had to change things out. I’m using an old Messenger bag from college…and just not sure I want to give these guys another chance with these bags.

Just because I was a teenager in the late 90’s, I have to wonder whether the writeup is paying tribute to Powerman 5000 or poking fun at the band. Not to be a buzzkill, but one does not simply insinuate malignly against Rob Zombie’s little brother, spiky yellow hair and goggles or not. Those were simpler times indeed…

Got an earlier version of the messenger bag from a non-woot source and love it. It is my everyday work bag. It holds a charge for weeks until you need it.

Love mine enough that I am considering getting one of these, as well!

Using it for about a couple of months now. Love this bag. Much more room than I was expecting. The reflective paint comes off easily, but…reflective paint comes off easily. Not something isolated to bag quality, which is otherwise perfectly fine. Hope they put the backpack on sale soon.

Slingbag is a different product, not another “version”. This one has a slot so you can exchange batteries. Buy a few extra batteries from the manufacturer, keep them charged and you’re good for weeks or months.

Sadly no. The battery required for that job would be so large as to possibly require a separate bag.

Most laptops charge at 12V or higher, and this bag only provides 5V. You can verify by looking on your husband’s current laptop charge “brick”; it’ll say on there something like “Output: 12V 1.2A”.

So sadly, no charging a laptop.

As for the product offering in general, it looks cool if you need a bag, and the price is good. If you already have a bag, though, you’re probably better off spending your money on something like the Anker Astro3E. More battery capacity in a durable little package. I’ve used mine often and it’s a life-saver (especially if you’ve got a phone with TERRIBLE battery life. Thanks Droid Razr.)

I love this bag! It has literally everything I’d hope for in a messenger bag, plus more: good looks & durability, roller board luggage pass-through (required for air travel), TSA compliance, lots of useful pockets, etc. As a useful plus, it charges my electronics. Also a great conversation piece.

You can charge them using your own lightning cable via the on-board USB port.

iPhone 5, iPod nano and iPad may be charged with their own USB cable through Powerbag’s on-board USB port

I bought this one of the last times woot had it and I love it. I use it all the time. It holds a lot of stuff and I like how it charges both my phone and ipad.