Classic Road Trip Adventure Camp Blanket

Classic Road Trip Adventure Camp Blanket

Cute design but what is a camp blanket? The description talks about shirts.

Sorry about that. I’ve asked them to correct the features. Here’s what they should be:

Our camp blankets make the outdoor blanket for concerts, ballgames, picnics, beach trips, lounging in the park or for camping!

Printed top with waterproof lining
Machine Washable
Face: Soft Touch Polyester Microfiber
Back: Polyester Oxford w/ Water-Resistant Finish
50" x 60"
Designed and Printed in USA
Made in China

That’s interesting. Do you know if it is the microfiber that grabs on to your clothing or different because of the type of material it is?? Sounds interesting. Thank you for your reply. I’ll definitely be getting this in a shirt for my husband for our next road trip!! What a fun design that instantly gets that tune stuck in your head!

It does not grab your clothing…it’s kind of similar to a fleece, but with a really low pile so its not hot to sit on. It’s SUPERRRR soft.

That sounds very interesting. I look forward to seeing more of this type in the future; they would make different Christmas presents for family besides all the shirts I give from Shirt Woot! Thank you for explaining it. Am placing my order right now! :slight_smile:

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Woohoo!! Good to know you’d be interested in them year round!

Let me know your thoughts when you receive it!

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I received the Classic Road Trip Adventure Camp Blanket today. It far exceeded my expectations! I wish now I had bought the matching (I think there was) tote bag to store it in in the car. Thanks to the designer for making such a fun design, it will be fun taking Fozzie and Kermit on our adventures on the road!

I hope it is washable. There were not any washing instructions included in the shipping envelope nor attached to the blanket. Do you know if it is washable or only “wipeable” on the printed side?


It is in fact machine washable, I will add that to the product specs, thank you!

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