ContourROAM2 Waterproof Action Camcorder

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ContourROAM2 Waterproof Action Camcorder
Price: $99.99
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How is the quality in low light conditions? Wanted to stick this in my engine bay.

How does it mount, does it come with a suction cup for window?

Check out this “very good” review over at cnet and check out the product page

Black is best, already sold out!

I’ve used it at night on emergency scenes as a firefighter. Looks good.

Head strap or suction or handlebar, or standard camera tripod mount. Probably more. I have one.

Acceptable for what it is, considering that these are intended to be used outdoors in good lighting. There’s several decent videos floating around. Here’s one of them:


No, but you can buy many different mounts for these. I believe these are the two that come with this model:

Rotating Surface

Welp, guess blue will do…for me.

I have a gopro hero 2 and a contour roam. I like the contour better due to the form factor and the one switch on. I’m getting the roam2 at this price. Too bad woot charges tax in CA :(.

The lack of removable battery and lack of mobile connectivity is a huge deal breaker for me, even at this great price point. If the Contour+2 was priced at $150 or even $200 then I’d buy it for sure.

Will this only record action? Or will it also record apathy and monotony (my life)?

I believe you need an Inaction Cam,looks the same as this one but there is no battery.

Will this work with a larger chip, such as a 16 Gb?

Supports up to 32GB

Comes with a rotating sticky mount and a profile sticky mount.

This is a ridiculously great deal. I bought mine for about $150 on Amazon when they were out of business. They are back now.

I got it mainly for skiing and love how easy it is to use - just slide the large switch forward to instantly start recording, and slide back to stop and turn off. That’s it. So easy to do even with gloves on right as I’m getting off the lift and can start my run right away without fumbling with any buttons.

Video quality has been plenty good for my needs. I think a GoPro might give you slightly better video quality, but you just can’t beat this for the money, it’s much easier to use, and I think the bullet style looks better than a big square GoPro, especially on the side of a helmet.

Check out my YouTube channel for some videos (while keeping in mind that YouTube loves to compress the crap out of videos, so the raw files look better):

I’ve been using Contour cameras for some years - the company itself is a study in how to develop a market then lose it through executive burnout (they’ve been picked up by some VC sorts in SLC), but all of that aside, they’re great cameras.

If the new management can upgrade the sensors and have a new generation then they’ll have a good shot at big market share. Unfortunately Sony has come out with a suspiciously similar “Action Cam” series, the best of which have really, really good video quality and many of the top-end action cams are beginning to have connectivity/screens rather than just a camera head unit. I’m rooting for Contour to up their game.


*Can hold lots of memory - supports up to 32GB or so.

*Good to great image quality outside. I got into these because the images were better than the then-current generation of GoPro equipment. The new GoPro top of the line stuff is better but these are still very very good.

  • Sturdiness. Just about impossible to break one of these unless you run it over on pavement. I gave one to my nephews and it’s not broken. That says something.

  • Cool factor. You don’t have a dorky box sticking out of your helmet.

  • Rotatable lens. This allows you to “level” your shot with your head held even, or adjust on a vehicle mount.


*Programming the parameters on the camera is done either using an app on a PC or by manually altering a small text file on the memory chip. This isn’t a deal-breaker since the default settings are really good for nearly everything. This is a little wonky until you figure it out, and it’s essentially not field-adjustable unless you have a different chip for different settings (a common method).

*Fixed battery. Ugh…I hate that. Mine are all replaceable-battery ones. You’ll get a few hours out of it and they work well in the cold.

*Requires a housing for deep water work. These are splash proof but not submersible. The housings are reasonable on Amazon.

At this price it’s worth doing.

That’s funny right there…