Cooks Essentials Coffee Maker


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first yall :smiley:

cheapest on Froogle search $22.56 + $5.72 S&H (without carafe)!tpl=DETAIL!ref=GOG&ref=GOG

happy shopping fellow wooters, im gonna go write a paper


Numba 2!! GJ Man ^^ :slight_smile:


welcome back sean. i forgot too, but ryanrule=teh sux this evening :stuck_out_tongue:

woah, where is everyone tonight? the site isn’t crying for help yet!

yay coffee!


I love the fresh smell of WOOT in the morning!


woot hat for sale on ebay!
Pucks for sale on ebay!


oops forgot

coffee maker eh?



woot rocks


first timer here, made first page woot! i might pick one of these up


[color=red:0689365ffa][size=24:0689365ffa]Molinak was here[/size:0689365ffa][/color]



Whats with the coffee maker? Is this the Daily.Deal? They also have a coffee maker for sale. I dont need caffine I need SLEEP waitin all night for this crap.




Not interested. Waitin on my speakers W0ot!


coffee is already made and ready to serve when ur in college 8)



Woot and Daily Deal both selling coffee items


Not a bad price…dunno if i need one tho


Could make a nice x-mas gift for my father-in-law. If it’s not sold out in the AM I may jump on this deal. Good Price



Pobably not first page, but WOOT --> my wife’s gonna kill me. I’m addicted. Can’t wait for RoboMow to arrive next week (my first Woot purchase). Maybe I can get back in good graces as wife is coffee addict…huh…guess I have to buy! :stuck_out_tongue: