Corelle Livingware 16pc Set-3 Styles



Good price on the Corelle sets, ultra durable too. We bought a set over 3 years ago and it’s been abused, plates dropped, etc. Still looks new.

Plates are thin too, so it saves space in the dish rack and cabinet.


I love my Corelle, but think these patterns look like they belong in a cafeteria.


I love my Winter Frost but it’s not really a bargain here. You can order it online at Walmart with free shipping to store and easier returns if there is a problem.


I bought a set of the Classic Cafe’ Blue, from the mother-ship last year. They are great for a older person who has had a couple of mini-strokes and can have trouble holding on to things. They are safe to carry and clean-up easily.

Plates,bowls made in USA !

Mugs, made in China.


We have had our Corelle for over 20 years(we have just added pieces to increase the amount of settings). We also have complete sets to gift to our sons, as soon as they move out :slight_smile:


Good find, thanks!


My set of Corelle has been in my life for about 20 years also…Made In U.S.A.
I will bet these are made in China, sadly.
And mine are much prettier! :slight_smile:
Especially with French Toast–Yum!



My mother has some 40-year-old Corelle dishes and while they may be a little scratched up, they are still going strong. We’d use the bowls all the time to feed the dogs and we’ve dropped the dishes on the floor repeatedly (they bounce) and they still hold up to the abuse. A few pieces have broken over the years, but we still have the majority of the dishes.

I’d buy a set of the white, but WHY did they have to make the mugs grey? The mugs look so mismatched with the white dishes.

Edit: Oh, I can buy a set of the Cafe style in blue off Amazon for $27 with free Prime shipping (once they get back in stock). Which is pretty much the same as buying them from Woot.

BTW, you can buy a set of the black Cafe style off Amazon for $27 and get free shipping with Prime.


I got a set of these from Amazon not to long ago. The plates and bowls are made in the USA, but the mugs were made in China.


I’m not thrilled with the patterns (would’ve preferred blue to red), but the price is fantastic. I needed to replace our everyday dishes with a full and matching set, so I’m in for three of these to make place settings for 12.

I found the comparable online at Bonton’s for $90!


Wow, Walmart even has a $40 deal for two of the 16-piece sets of the Winter White. That’s a good deal and is tempting me.

My mom has had Corelle dishes for my entire life (35 years) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one break.

I have heavier stoneware dishes and they honestly are hurting my wrists from the weight and get chipped really easily.

I might have to bite, but these are really, really plain. They might look like cheap cafeteria plates, as someone else mentioned.


My mom has a set of the winter white and the mugs are white; not sure why they look grey in the picture. The mugs are stoneware, not the chip resistant material the plates and bowls are made from, so that’s a drawback since they do chip.


I’ve had the Winter Frost for many, many years, at least 20 and have had a piece or 2 get damaged. Nice thing about that is that the company will replace the ones that get damaged no matter how old. Had 5 pieces replaced just before Christmas. I highly recommend them. Oh, and the white is really classy looking, not as plain as they look in these pictures.



We’ve lowered the price to $19.99 on all sets.

As always, if you bought before the price change, you will automatically be refunded the difference… sometime tomorrow.

Now, go buy 3!


I confirmed that they are white. Probably just a lighting issue on the photo.


I bought a set a week ago direct from corelle through open stock so I didn’t have to get the made in China mugs and saucers.

I can only find two brands of cups or mugs still made in USA: Fiesta and lenox. The only affordable mugs I can find made in USA are Fiesta (made in West Virginia). is best prices followed by and is ok but just average. But (sells discontinued and new china- thousands of brands) is significantly cheaper than and that says something, so I will buy from or next time!


Sounds about right. A good on-sale price for these sets has usually been $20 or less. I got a couple sets of cafe blue for $17.99 each shipped some time ago, and more recently Walmart had the winter frost set for $18 around Black Friday. This looks like the best price around at the moment.

As others have stated, Corelle is good stuff. Lasts for decades (some of ours has been in daily use since the 70s), very chip/break resistant, and much easier on the wrists than heavy stoneware. Saves cupboard space too.


It will be interesting to hear back from people who get the red. Walmart pictures the mug as white with red trim whereas woot shows a fully red mug.

Personally, I’m tempted, but I would have been more tempted by blue.

And if the “bread plate” was a bit larger. Our current set (which my wife and kids have seemingly recently started to use as frisbees - hence my interest) gets a LOT of use out of the medium/salad plates (8.5" plates I think.)

If the red 8.5" plates were easily available elsewhere, this would increase the appeal as well, but alas, the red ones seem to be out even at (though Wally world says they have them in stock at my local store, but that involves driving…)

Yet another woot research project for me I suppose…


We have been using the Winter Frost (plain white) for years. Just before Christmastime, we caught a deal on these through Woot, and picked up two additional sets to give to our daughter, who just moved in to her first apartment.

To those who might think that the Winter Frost is too “plain”, remember that paired with inexpensive chargers (found seasonally at places like Target, Wal-Mart, and even Dollar Tree) the plain white can be quite pretty. As with all Corelle, the glossy, shiny finish really is pretty, especially when you dress it up a bit.