Crap Invaders 3-lkjsdf893k33

Snagged one!


Got one!



Third time’s the charm!

First one in AGES!

Wow. 100% left on the main page as soon as it appears. Sold Out on the Buy One page.

That was super fast… Oh well

Got one! Hopefully it doesnt get cancelled…I had to log in so I am kind of scared…

No chance on that one. Wootstalker (bless its heart) beat me on that one, but it still loaded direct to the VOP.
The main page didn’t refresh manually for me until it was gone. Kept showing old item. This is not my day.

0 for 3


Dang…missed it.

I came in and saw the pots. Looked at the community link and saw the crap. Went back to main page, still saw the pots. Back to community, saw crap. I feel like I was stuck in a torturous loop of crapless dismay.

Yep, that happens when you’ve got thousands of people trying for a few items. :\

I tried to snap one but missed, I think it’s my firefox that failed me, it just wouldn’t refresh fast enough. Anybody else having the same issue with firefox?

Been so close today

Wow, got one!! Missed the first two because of, ugh, work meetings, but happened to be at my desk when this one popped up! Did not even have to dwell in the Vestibule! Thanks TT and Woot Gods!

Got it! Missed one this morning only because I had to update credit card info.