Cremo Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream

I use this all the time, but this price is a Rip Off. I get a 6 OZ size in Walmart for $5.97Based on Woot’s price the equivalent of 6 Oz would cost me #17.97 ($3.99 X 6)

I agree, I use this as my go-to shaving cream, and this price is a rip off. For 1 ounce of the stuff?? I usually pay about $6 at walmart or target for a 6-ounce bottle. I have to think this size and price are some sort of woot mistake.

As to the cream itself, I love it, and it’s such a smooth shave, which is great because i have sensitive skin and it took me a while to find something that worked well for me. It also smells like orange soda, which I found odd, but now kind of enjoy. The only thing that can be kind of a pain is you have to get your face really wet before you apply it. Other than that, it’s fantastic.

holy crap. couldn’t agree with you guys more about pricing. what has happened to woot? 9.99 as original price?! please. as noted the big bottle of this stuff is cheaper than that at overpriced local pharmacies. I think this is ok stuff, but won’t be buying any more of it, having discovered a good brush and hard soaps, or the kiss my face products. it’s ok, but no better than the similar neutrogena, and I really dig the soap and brush stuff. and I have fairly sensitive skin too

Best shaving cream I’ve ever used. And no way would I ever pay this price. I don’t need to shave when I travel anyhow.

Even on the Cremo website the price is $1.99 for the 1 ounce tube. C’mon woot! I might add this to my cart if you tell me it’s a six pack.
PS. The product woot is offering is labeled differently. For example, it’s flagged with “Sensitive skin specialist.” It also says it’s “Highly” concentrated, but it’s still just a 15-day supply.

I fell victim of this too—my fault though. I saw the photo—which looks like the large version—but failed to see it was for a 1 oz., so I agree with the rest of you that this is a rip-off. I also get mine for around $8 for the large tube, but at Rite Aid. Ugh.