CRKT Halligan Sweet K.I.S.S. Knife

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CRKT Halligan Sweet K.I.S.S. Knife
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A 7.69" neck knife?

You barely notice the last hundredth of an inch, really.
Actually when you have it sheathed, the length is closer to 7.76825"

People wear knives around their necks?

Isn’t a neck knife just doing someones work for them already?

Ceramic knives work better for when you kickin it at da club.

Metal detectors, yo!

All kidding aside, neck knives do come in handy when you are in situations where a belt or pocket knife would be hard to draw. I wear one when I kayak, for example.

The metal isn’t a bad choice for this knife, but the length and lack of a finger choil and/or jimping make me question when I would use it.

I was kind of thinking about ordering a set of 6 and use them for steak knives :slight_smile: I did find a guy using it for chopping firewood !

I don’t like the idea of it flopping around. They should make vests with MOLLE webbing so you can attach a knife to it. :slight_smile:

Don’t wear it while doing the dirty. :slight_smile:

My 3 were delivered today. Very nice design could be sharper out of the box.