Croton Mens and Womens Manhattan Watch Set


[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, October 21, 2005


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Woot the heck am I doing up so late for this??

Froogle Prices:
Womens for $45
Mens $32.50
Total 76.50

That would also have to include shipping from two different places.

It is a great deal if you want to be a “watch buddy” with your wife/girlfriend. You can be one of those couples that dresses up exactly the same and that everyone hates because you know they are just pretending to be perfect and get along, when at home all they do is fight.



These watches look good - maybe a good christmas gift -

Also,looks like good one for ebay!


A watch with no MP3 playback? No to-do list ? Not even a calendar???
AND, I have to get one for her???



WOOTS ON THE HOUSE! ™ - Now where did I put my ladder? [:)]

Croton Men’s and Women’s Manhattan Watch Set $49.99 + $5 shipping

Glitches removed for clarity [;)]

Found them for $30 each… but shipping was like $15 for both. S0 $75 for the pair.

hey… more deals and online coupon codes at the ww.w link below


Nice gift set for X-mas.

Good price too. Hopefully these are still available tomorrow after I check to make sure my grandparents will like them

Oh, and please delete the petey spam!


I am a ninja…great woot though…I take it back these watches suck. Come on woot how bout a Tag Huer or Bucherer.


Croton Men's and Women's Manhattan Watch Set
$49.99 change spelling


who wants a matching watch with your wife?


Looks like a decent price…for a decent product.

Personally I don’t like wearing watches, I just use my cell phone for time.

Looks like a good anniversary gift though.


Hmm… looks like a movado ripoff


I own a Croton watch… and it pretty much totally rocks.

It’s a lot better looking than this one, but hey, I can tell you that it’s of good quality.


nah…i am still full from the foreman


Woot Watches!! wonder if it is woot time? Let me check.


You gotta be kidding me. The grill was actually useful. This is just getting into the area of stocking up on cheap Christmas gifts.


I have not worn a watch since I bought a cell phone but these would make a nice Christmas gift for the rents!


not bad.

Amazon sells the ladies only for $70


I stayed up for this???

Sorry guys, not my bag…
BOC fodder i’m thinking…


Well, if you are in the market for a set of watches:

The ladies alone goes for $60 on bizrate…