Seiko Men’s Chronograph Pilot Stainless Steel Watch


[imgleft][/imgleft]Welcome to the Seiko Men’s Chronograph Pilot Stainless Steel Watch topic page for Wednesday, July 20, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.
Today’s item quantity: 500
Last Order time: 12:16 PM CST
Woot Member to blame: petter
Order Pace: 1m 28.886s
Woot Wage: $4,074.16 an hour.


Sorry don’t need a watch!


And WOOT: Good job with the servers!!! They’re working swimmingly now!


WOOT-ATTACK ™!!! - This came to mind when the projector came up at the very beginning for $19.99 when it was a $2200 projector.
I wonder how many others had the same thing happen and had their heart skip a beat.

Today’s Woot - Seiko Men’s Chronograph Pilot Stainless Steel Watch $99.99

Be on the look out for the new site by Woody1 and wootdedo. It will have

something to do with woot and I am sure will be totally nuts




first attempt at #1. i’m shallow. sue me.


A watch??? More computer oriented stuff please!

Hey a digital video camera would be a good item too!

GNite all!


Too many numbers for me. My watch is complicated enough, and it only has three hands. The specs don’t mention the weight…looks to be about three pounds.




wooty time piece


this is my first post ever…
how awesome!


Sigh waste of refresh :wink:


nice looking watch.


I’ll pass. Night.




Nope…don’t need it!



First? yeah right. Nice watch, but no thanks. Don’t wear watches.


pfft … a watch … off to bed !


I’m in for this one!


2nd post ever
p.s. useless crap was once here…now theres this


A cool watch