Seiko Men’s Chronograph Pilot Watch


Saturday, December 17, 2005


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[]p1, xtraboy finds it on Overstock.
]p1, craigs93 has this watch and says “GO FOR IT!!!”.
[]p1, gjbloom and mrsly69 find it on ebay for “less”. Straight8 attempts toset them “straight”.
]p2, straight8 elaborates, along with comments from gemini.
[] p2, according to ocean, this watch says “badass”…in a unique way.
]p3, dogwoodwind, has owned this watch for two years.
[]p3, seungchinlee thinks some comments are overboard.
]p4, Maudlin believes in giving the warranty some consideration.
[*]p6, randissa begins a page that leads to further useful info, for those having trouble using the features, esp., the stem.



nice watch


This is a good Woot - Maybe one for me and two for ebay?


This may have to wait.



I’ve already got my eye on a WSU Fossil watch. that’s prolly a good price but still fairly expensive…


Too Bad not a Women’s Watch… Nice Woot though.


great watch but a bit pricey for a gift


Nice woot! I’d totally get this if I had $100 to spare right now


ooohhhh … i’m gonna get one … nice woot


damn bling bling!

…too much for me

100 bucks damn, ill stick with my casio


Froogle $128 plus s/h


retail 400

128 on froogle


I would like a new watch but I am looking for Christmas presents for the kids. Good night wOOters.


good price, it’s my birthday too.


Only 1/2 a watchband?


booo i got back up for this??? ironic cuz its a watch


OOOOOOO!! I could get this for my dad so when he falls in the ocean, he’ll know what time it is!! He floats like a crowbar so the 300 meter depth would be a good thing!


$128 on amazon with free shipping.


Watches are so…

…so… “1980’s”…

What with cell phones and all…

We like to save our wrists for bracelets and such…

Nice try though.