Seiko Alarm Chronograph Watch for Men



Mmmmm… Ugly-ass Seiko.
Night all.


Know what would be nice… if these came in a left-handed model. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s an UGLY watch! Good night.


Nice price, sweet style… $297 on Froogle, great deal


Wow, this is a nice watch. If only i needed a 130 dollar watch with a crescent moonlike shape.


*waits for the quartz=crap naysayers"


Dang Woot… I already have this. Its an AWESOME watch. I have never been happier with mine, and I paid over double the Woot price!!!


Some other prices:
SecretPrices at… $179.99

PriceGrabber at… $198

Shopzilla at… $229

Gets good reviews - nice bling woot.


looks cool…

but also looks big

no go


I like the watch… but a bit rich for my blood… unless…

Does this run on batteries? Or the perpetual motion thing? Maybe a gift for me if I don’t have to open it up to buy batteries…


Is this the same watch that was used by Johnny Sokko to call Giant Robot?

Johnny Sokko Video


Would you want to drop that amount on a watch or something computer/gaming related?

I’m sorry, I can’t use that much for a watch. Haven’t worn one in years.


For those out of the know, our old friend Wikipedia says that:

“A tachymeter is also used as the name of a scale sometimes inscribed around the rim of an analog watch. It can be used to compute speed based on travel time. To use it for this purpose, start the chronograph at a mile marker. At the next mile marker, the point on the scale adjacent to the second hand indicates the speed (in miles per hour) of travel between the two. A standard tachymeter will only determine speeds greater than 60 miles per hour using this method; slower speeds can be measured by decreasing the unit of measurement (to half-miles or kilometers, for example).”


Odd style?


Oye! That’s fugly.

What is so hard about displaying a new (woot) web page at 1am? I got Tuesday’s (WiFi) at 1am? Suggest they drop ASP and get something not as suck ass.


So…is it atomic?


Amazon priced at 179.00 + 3 Reviews

Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5

So far so good on this watch. I was initially concerned that it would be too heavy but that has not been the case. I’ve received many compliments about the look. My only problems with it are that it’s nearly impossible to get the date to not jump ahead to the next day too early and the alarm is difficult to set.

Exceptional design. Functions on the watch like the alarm and stop watch are easily accessed. Triggering the stop watch is comfortably done with the large yet discrete buttons. This allows for better precision to start/stop. My only question is how scratch resistant is the titanium plated portion of the watch. Otherwise I am very happy with the excellent mix of style and functionality.

I was shopping for a cheaper work watch, actually, when I came across this watch here at Amazon - and instantly knew I had to own it. I’ve always been a sucker for analogue chronographs and this one, with its unique style and awesome price (over 1/2 off here at Amazon) was impossible to resist. All the features I wanted, serious heft and durability, and a true “conversation timepiece”. About the only improvement I would ask for is a louder alarm, as this one is really too quiet to actually wake up a SOUND sleeper such as myself, unless you’re sleeping with your wrist near your head. All in all, best watch I’ve ever owned.

Lowest “Buy it Now” on Ebay:


I have owned this watch for about 8 months. I get more compliments on this watch then my wife gets on her double D’s!


Are you kidding? This amount of money for a watch that doesn’t have a titanium band or case, no solar or Kinetic self-charging, no atomic timesetting? Not a chance.