Cuisinart® Chef’s Classic™ Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

this is seriously a phenomenal deal for a seven-quart enameled cast iron pot from a name brand. on amazon, the red one is currently over $96 and the blue one is almost $117. strong work, woot!

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I bought one of these for $80 on sale and thought it was a great deal. These are super durable, and can be used for almost anything! GREAT deal!!!

i’m disappointed in you, woot writers. you should have gone with the Matrix reference.

I have seen the same deal at Marshall’s. I have this item, and love it. I also have larger and smaller versions of it.

What a great deal. Retail for $130
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Would this be good at boiling pinto beans?

$116.75, 3 reviews at Amazon

Great deal! Now the question is… Red or Blue? I can’t decide lol

how well do these clean up? is great effort required? are they dishwasher safe?

oh, and how fragile are they in terms of being bumped by other pans or by use of utensils while cooking?

One of the reviewers on Amazon said “Also this Cuisinart pot has such a nice finish, it cleaned up SO easily, I barely had to wipe it!”

& on their site it says it is dishwasher site.

The creamy enamel center ensures an even heating and the crunchy cast iron goodness gives you the durability today’s modern home cook demands. Now if you excuse me, I’m off to the kitchen.

Heat helps.

Could I roast a chicken in here or would I need larger?

The website says that they are, indeed, dishwasher safe

Yes you can - I have the Lodge 7 qt cast iron dutch oven and it fits the whole bird and a slew of vegetables with ease.

In for one

Two for me and one for a house warming gift so in for three =]

Why are we charged tax now?