Cuisinart Indoor/Outdoor Grill

I bought one about a month ago. It works fine. I like the being able to to put it in the sink for cleaning (I don’t have a dishwasher). Mine is lopsided so I have to spin it around on the pedestal to get it even.
My biggest issue is it’s kind of small. I like to to cook in bulk (food prep days in advance) and the surface area is not that great for my purposes. If you want a bigger grill I recommend the George Forman indoor/outdoor with the round domed lid.

I wouldn’t let a good steak anywhere near this thing. 400 degrees isn’t hot enough to get a good sear on a ribeye, not by about half.

These are very nice if you have a camp somewhere and the weather isn’t cooperating. You can safely grill on the porch, even in the rain.

The specifications are rather sparse. Does anybody know how many BTUs per hour this produces?

I doubt we’d be able to find this info. I did see on amazon where someone stated it was 1000 watts.

That is helpful; it translates to about 3400 BTUs per hour. Thank you!

I bought one from woot for $69. It did a great job on hamburgers and was easy to clean, so I bought a second one since I have a large family and need more cooking area. This is a very good price for a good, flexible electric grill.

does anyone know where to find an instruction manual for this thing? mine didn’t come with one and I’ve been Googling for over an hour but only get manuals for different models. thanks in advance.

Does it taste like you barbequed your food?

This is a GRIDDLE. Who wants to use a low temp griddle outdoors with flies and mosquitoes? A genuine electric barbecue has lava rock and produces savory smoke flavor and chases bugs away. If I was Cuisinart I would dump this misfit for ten dollars retail and be done with it