Dell A940 Multifunction Printer


Welcome to the Dell A940 Multifunction Printer topic for Thursday September 2nd 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Dell A940 Multifunction Printer here.






Official Woot Price: $79.99

Froogle: $60 + $11.99 for shipping (to wiscnosin) = 71.99. Don’t know how credible “arsenalpc” is. Next lowest would be $89.99.

good deal without the rebate, woot deal with the rebate.

Boy do I love getting here before the wootbot :lol:




Nice, I need to replace a broken scanner.


First Post! I hope… Probably not

Good deal. It’s from Dell. I’m loyal to Epson. Oh well, cya tomorrow, wooters.


Aren’t these the ones that will only work with ink that comes from Dell?

You can get them elsewhere for cheaper though.


Yea, can this use normal toner cuz then I’m in. If not…sorry woot I would have loved to buy it.


Too bad I already have a printer. I’ll just wait for the next Woot.


Note that it’s actually $49.99 AR. Here’s a review:,1759,1371125,00.asp?kc=PCNKT0209KTX1K0100360

Not a bad deal, I guess, but not great either.


This is such a tease. I was just checking out the A960. This is nice and a great deal but I want the sheet feed and the fax on the device. Too bad I have to pass.


official woot price $79.99-30 rebate = $49.99 AR


[color=indigo:8458a8eb23]Dell A940 Multifunction Printer/Scanner/Copier

$79.99 $5.00 S&H
save $30 additional by mail with a woot rebate ($49.99 AR)

good deal i guess but still… it’s over 50 bux and I can’t afford it :lol: :lol:

More of those Cheap speakers plz!!! :twisted: :twisted: [/color]


Please don’t tell me that wootbot is secretly programming an army of robosapiens to take over the world. He’s learning… it scares me.

As for the deal. Good deal if you need it. Unfortunately a printer is something I don’t need. :frowning: I hope something I want pops up soon. I almost bought the vacuum, but it just didn’t nudge me enough.

Question… Mon is labor day. Will there be a Sunday night woot?


A decent deal, not woot’s best, but decent nonetheless.


But of course…

"Removable scanner lid allows for artistic butt cheek copying "

don’t forget to run that through some Photoshop filters for best effect!


$60 shipped no tax for most on Fleabay, no rebate hassle…warm deal :?


$55 bucks for an all in one, should be a good deal. but Inkjet? Cartridge should be expensive, right?


How do you get the MIR?