Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop

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Dell Latitude 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptop
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Monday, Apr 13 to Tuesday, Apr 14) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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And just a reminder that the Latitude is Dell’s line of business-class computers. Sturdy build for heavy use/travel.

Time to learn all about the processor

I’ve bought two of these now with mixed experiences.

First one I bought was mid-November. It had a few light scratches but nothing that was unexpected. It did have some issues not waking up from sleep and the screen going black when turning down the brightness. They went on for a few months which led me to purchase 2.

This laptop was offered again in mid-Jan (both times were more expensive than this one: 279 and 269). I bought it to replace my first purchase. However, when I received it the HDMI port was smashed and unusable.

I’ve kept the first purchase and the waking up and black screen issues have resolved themselves. I use this laptop every day for Netflix, surfing, etc. My wife just put Adobe Creative Cloud on it and used Premier Pro to edit and create a video with no issues.

For this price, for this quality, with a year warranty, this is a great deal. Just make sure everything is in order when it arrives.

Ugh, 1366 x 768 - What year is it?!

2015 as of January 1.

And that’s a pretty standard resolution for a business computer.

I had one of these at work for three years (just recently got refreshed to a new computer). nothing wrong with this computer, display or otherwise. If i hadn’t just bought a new laptop i would buy one of these. It was a good, sturdy machine.

I just bought one of these the last time it was on Woot in March. Mine had a BAD BATTERY. It would not charge and warned me that the battery needed to be replaced. So I returned the laptop within a couple of days. I was told the laptop is in the warehouse and it would take 7-10 days to process the refund. I am still waiting for my refund. I won’t buy anything from Woot again if it takes this long to get my money back!

Is it mandatory for someone to make this comment every time Woot offers a laptop?

I had one of these for almost three years for work. It was quite possibly the worst computer I have ever seen. In that time, the cooling fan failed three times, the trackpad decided to not work when it was charging, and there were problems with the wifi losing connections. I was not the only person who had problems with this model, with many others having similar problems. The idea that these are sturdy because they’re corporate laptops is a joke.

We have a decent handful of these in our fleet at work.

All have been heavily abused and have all been rock solid reliable.

We’ve pulled most of the heatsinks out of them as they came back in from their 3 year tours, put new heat paste and thermal pads under it, blew the dust out and then put an SSD in it with a fresh image. They are performing just as well as our brand new models.

Sure the batteries are aging, it’s a 3+ year old model. These are all probably off lease refurbs. Batteries are $60ish brand new Dell brand on Amazon.

The users don’t like these vs the smaller 63xx series, as they are 1/2lb heavier, but again, they’ve been some of the most trouble free reliable laptops in our fleet (we have a mix of 6400, 6410, 4300, 4310, 6320, 6330, 6420, 7440, 7240, so I can speak for them vs other models of Latitude that I see on Dell a lot. My guys are also Dell certified techs as well at our company)

Sure you may get a bad one now and then as a refurb, but return it for another.

Now… that said… there’s also the Dell Auction site, where this is about the going price for them, so this is a great buy if you don’t want to bid on something and just buy it now. But on the flip side, you can also get the smaller model or next model up for just a little more if you want to wait on auction bids.

Latitude E6420 Product Support

Latitude E6420 Service Manual

Got one in the last wootoff. Mine looks like new, works perfectly. The dvd was not a RW, however, and woot refunded me $30 after I told them that’s how much a RW would cost me, which is true. Love my Dell. And videos looks great on the screen. More resolution? For what? Also, has an SD card slot, so I put in a 32gb card for storing more data. Update; ordered a caddy ($21) to replace the DVD with a ($52) 500Gb WD HD, and a ($190) Samsumg 500Gb SSD for the boot drive. Could upgrade the 4Gb Ram to 8Gb for $54-$75, but won’t for a while.

I got mine here.

If I needed another, I’d buy it today.

As much as I LOVE my Chromebook, I still get a little excited over this computer.

EDIT: As much as I love my baby TT, I went ahead and self-censored my post…sure you

normal [unquote] people are saying, “we do this all the time” but to the people born without benefit of a filter…let me tell you it is a struggle.

Well, suffice it to say. Buy this machine you will not be disappoint.

In for one. Needed a pc and already have a docking station.

I got one of these in a previous woot… I’m using it right now. Great machine for the price – that is once I upgraded the hard drive to SSD and the memory to 8GB (some people report that you can get 16GB in this model, I didn’t try). I use it as a semi-portable notebook (home to work, etc, not traveling)… and it’s great and built like a brick wall. My unit also included the 9-cell battery and a webcam, so that was a bonus. I added Bluetooth by buying a $1 BT USB adapter on ebay.

Anyone have a comment about Metro Business Service before I pull the trigger?

I bought two of these back in November when it was $279.99. Both had faulty batteries. The label on the batteries shows they were manufactured in 2011. Really woot? You are selling laptop batteries that were commissioned back in 2011? I have never ever had a laptop battery last me 4 years and I have gone through at least 5 laptops over the years. So if you buy this, make sure you check the label on the battery right away. If it is old and it is working, I guarantee you it will die within the next few months. A genuine and new battery for this laptop will run you $80-$100 depending on how lucky you are.
The other thing that was very annoying is the fact that this is a skinned laptop. They glued a skin to mimic the original look of the laptop. I guess when they were brought in for refurbishing they looked pretty beat up.

Even brand new laptops can have piss poor resolutions. It’s frustrating.