Dell OptiPlex 7060 Intel i7 Micro PC

Dell OptiPlex 7060 Intel i7 Micro PC

It’s there a slot for a discrete graphics card? Can I upgrade with internal wireless? Thanks.

No discrete GPU option – the entire computer is just over 1L in volume. There is a M.2 E-key slot for a 2230 WLAN card, but if these were not originally equipped as such, the wiring for the antennas may not be included.

There are more details at Dell Support:

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There is no wiring for antennas so whichever WLAN card you buy must include the antennas.

Be a bit careful though because these items don’t appear to be “refurbished” - they include (at least the one I got) non Dell parts in configurations that Dell does not use. I spent the extra money for the one with 32Gb of memory and the 1TB SSD.

If you buy this from Dell with only one drive, then it will be a M2 drive. The one I bought came with a no-name 2.5 inch SSD. The memory is also non-Dell spec memory - both of these will slow the computer.

These are (when you buy them from Dell or a properly refurbished computer) great computers - tiny and very robust.

With the no-name parts, these are a very iffy proposition. As an aside, and this is kind of unimportant as most everyone who buys something like this has a spare keyboard and mouse - the one that comes with these is a really inexpensive combo ($8.95 including shipping on AliExpress) and the wi-fi dongle is a 802n USB 2.0 - under $10 at Amazon - so both virtually useless.

Again, “refurbished” means that it has the same specs as when it left the factory.

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