DeLonghi Multi-Position Ceramic Heater

I just wanted to be the first one who leaves a comment :slight_smile:

1 DeLonghi Multi-Position Ceramic Heater

$29.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

well played sir!

Ah yes. Perfect for keeping your tootsies warm under the desk during these cold winter months. I have one. I love it. P.S. the reviews on Amazon for other DeLonghi Heaters are good tooo…

Sold on Amazon for the same price, where is the deal?

Would this item arrive before Christmas?

I was going to buy this, but figured I would at least try fixing my honeywell hz-2300 first. Dang thing takes a triangle security bit.

It doesn’t look like it will sell out anytime soon. Maybe I’ll buy one tomorrow.

yeah… where is the deal… same price as amazon :frowning:

$2.95 less for “patient” shipping?

I made a big mistake to buy these 3 heater. The fan is so noisy that there is no way anyone could sleep if the heater is in the room. I just gave them to Goodwill to get some tax deduction.

Same price as DeLonghi website. Shipping?

Thought about it and then remembered the twenty days it took woot to mail out my last order… bishes.

Gosh, This is one description’ed item I loved reading… haha ‘The heat of my passion’ -laughs-

A little heater might be nice; but, oh, I forgot, I ordered one last time it was on Woot and it still hasn’t got here yet. Sad when an item is back up before the last one shipped. Maybe this one IS the one I bought?

According to one of the Amazon reviewers, this is not U.L. approved. U.L (underwriters labs) is a voluntary product submission testing lab. But in my experiences any mfr that does not submit is either afraid of the results or too cheap to participate in consumer safety.

Same price on Amazon, so while this seems like something I could definitely use, I’m not buying from woot, to make one small protest for the terrible performance of the woot servers thus far during the wootoff.

Really bad, woot!

this was on woot not too long ago and i bought one. despite the numerous poor reviews, it worked well for me for a while, and then all of a sudden the fan became louder and louder and even stopped working at one point. the only way to fix it was to stand it on end. So it still works, but it has to be on end, not on its side. it should be noted that this thing is huge. It is rather light, however, and it does fit under a desk, but it is pretty large.

I bought one for my desk at work. This thing is a monster! It will heat your whole house! Great deal for the price based on the size of this bad boy!

I bought this off Woot when they sold it in Oct and it works great! It heats my 600 sq foot condo perfectly and it is all I use to heat my place other than an occasional fire in the fireplace. The fan isn’t too loud (IMHO) but you can hear it.
I’d buy it again.