Denon DN-200AZB Amplifier w/ Bluetooth

Denon DN-200AZB Amplifier w/ Bluetooth

Interesting gadget - but seems massively over-priced for its limited functionality and specs.

Not even stereo! Single channel 4 ohm 70 volt 100 volt.

Bought it thinking it was 2 channel!!

Disappointed at best!!!

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It has an antenna hookup. Anyone know what that is used for?

the included antenna, shown (looks a bit like an GPS puck)

Seems strange that you would want bluetooth on a commercial amplifier, I have seen a couple vids online where some kid connects to the PA system and plays stuff.
That antenna is the bluetooth antenna, maybe so it can be mounted in an enclosed space and the antenna is exposed?

  • DN-200AZB
  • Removable bluetooth antenna
  • (1) 3-pin Euroblock connector
  • (1) 4-pin Euroblock connector
  • 15VDC Power adapter
  • User guide
  • Safety and warranty manual