Derby #319: Song Titles Reinterpreted

Hooray! I love reinterpreted derbies!

moi, aussi!

Do they need to be english songs?

Is it too soon for Mileyyyyy?!

Gonna have to go through my fav songs for this one… maybe actually get a sub in!

I’m finding that my short list is not very short. What I’m saying is, expect about 17 subs from me this week, give or take.

Do eet!

I’m waiting for those Stairway to Heaven and Highway to Hell designs :slight_smile:

Giving away an idea I won’t be doing… “Pinball Wizard,” with Gandalf playing and Hobbits, etc. looking on. Maybe make the game accuse him of tilting. Would love to see that.

no pop culture

Oh. Yeah. Got a little excited.

Yeah, I won’t be doing “Rain of Blood” by Slayer, so you know, have at it.

Actually, while the movie is pop culture, the book is a classic. Just don’t make the characters look like they did in the movie. Or it can be a generic wizard with other make-believe creatures looking on.

Creative juices initiated.

I actually started doodling this a couple of weeks ago and it fits this theme perfectly.


That is arguable. If the wizard was generic enough, yes, but if you add the hobbits, then you are touting the pop culture line. Yes the book is classic, but if it is ALSO popular then it’s pop culture. The two CAN over-lap and having one criteria true, makes the whole thing true. IMHO.

You can actually already buy that here at woot.

Awesome! (Proof that it was a good idea, LOL)

In general, do you guys think it’s better to pick stuff with GREAT themes that fewer people have heard of (The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! by Sufjan Stevens), or songs everyone knows that maybe are a tad obvious (Raspberry Beret by Prince)? By the way, I call both of those.

Voting-wise, a creative take on a popular track is likely to get you further. Just more likely to get fans of the song to upvote you. But I’d love to see your interpretation of the more bizarre/obscure tracks. Do well enough and it’d likely get an HM at least. Or, if nothing else, you can try and pawn the design off to the artist :stuck_out_tongue: