Derby #350: The Renaissance

The remains of Ramyb?

The solid gold Commodore 64 I won in derby 316?


The remains of the Commodores?

I predict we’ll be seeing a LOT of vitruvians in this derby…

The Kindle I won in the Temple Run derby? :stuck_out_tongue:

GREAT THEME- I am excited!

Clearly…it’s a head…right? :slight_smile:

oooo awesome prize! I’ve totally been wanting one of these!

Alright, my real guess is the Lost city of Catlantis, wait no, Benjamin Franklin’s Sunday best riding chaps and a flying monkey.

I just started my DaVintions project with my 4th graders so I am going to have to fight not making a da Vinci Sketchbook shirt-

A least two Kindles on this box :wink:

I know Joel was working on that Commodore 64 at home. I saw pictures of it so I know it exists. I’ll reach out to him. Maybe he’s become very attached to it.

I would expect Kindles too soon. Sorry for the (long) delay. :frowning:

This crappy looking mystery box will be easy as we’ll just ship it the minute the derby ends.

Schrödinger’s cat?

No worries at all man- I am still giddy about simply getting one! When is less an issue. Just jumping in the poke circle! heh

As for the box-

my guess is- a giant hourglass that houses the cremated ashes of ALTERNATE REALITY Walmazan, who was timesacked from last week, preventing the great undoing but framing the winner for the crime in another dimension…

How many bags of Texas air can fit into that box?

My other guess would be a box of leftover shirts from the A.S.S.S. promotion…

As for this derby, I think it will be…interesting. The lack of pop culture means that we won’t see a lot of vitruvian/pop-culture mashups.

I can vouch that derby prizes do indeed get shipped out… still loving my Cintiq. :slight_smile:

Most of us regulars know where Ramy is. It’s Adder’s silence that’s more concerning.

TBH, I think Woot’s bean counters miss the drama. The debates brought sales.

Missing shameless plug to your own shirt. :tongue:

No more wobbly table! :slight_smile:

Just cute animals.

It has been a while since I’ve entered a derby, but I really want what is in that crappy box.