Derby #407: Weirdo Wear

nevermind… too fast.

Bonus Preview: Derby #408: Grammar. No Creme tees, launches 1/26 at Noon Central.

no, derby #408: gramma. draw a picture of your gramma.

derby #409 preview: “woot … so very tired.”

hmmm, weirdo wear, that’s odd.

both are straight up shirt derbies?

But my gramma IS on tveeee

gramma nazis… hmm that would put a new spin on an old concept.

The question is…
Are they grandma’s that correct your speech? Or regular people that make sure your grandma is legit? Or maybe they are just old hitler groupies?

I used to have lots of weirdo entries. Now I have no time. This could have been my week!

They just want to see if something can possibly sell worse than SkateTown.

That said, Weiro Wear is a perfect mini derby for Mr. Edgar R McHerly. Always original… Always weird.

Just a touch confused here.

Is “weirdo wear” a theme for a shirt design, or can we pick any garment we choose for a design, or … ?

I think a lot of the submissions here have been weird all along. Pop culture is weird to me. It will be nice. We’ll see how the votes go.

no reason for the votes to go any different. unless woot decides to reject the commonplace, i’d guess the winning design will be something like what usually wins.

i think they already have had a few shirts sell worse.

Shirt theme.

Without some rules, I’m predicting a “weird” Dr. Who shirt.

haha…nooo!! You guys are so right. I wanna see weird weird weird. Like so weird that people say: “Whooaaa…Am I even on woot?!! This is weird.”


Philosophical question: WHY is Waldo? Let’s ponder THAT.


IIRC, 83 is the lowest for a full debut day. Also there were a couple sub-60 sellers at the half-day mark when they changed the sale.

Also, weird catshirts. I’m pretty sure there will be several of those.