Derby entry comments for Derby #297: Double-Take Derby 20

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The Others take you, Woot!, if I don’t get one of these.

Cat-Stronauts! Blast Off!

Everybody wants love.

lot of crap in here…good job woot

I don’t know why I love this one so much!

Glad to be here again!

This is not your design :


Good one.

Monkey paw! Voted again.

Thanks, Travis!! :slight_smile:

M. C. Escheract…

Not sure how this will fair with such golden company but I’m honored to have been included!

This is so great- hoping it gets printed!

YES! Second chance! GO! GO! GO!

This Epic shirt must win!

Got my vote… again! Great film, great design!

Beautifully illustrated!

Ever feel like your votes are unappreciated by jaded artists?
Like your opinion is the same as that of 500 others?
That is just not right…

Vote for this shirt and see your artistic opinion treated with respect it deserves. I promise that each and every one of your votes and comments will find a special place in my heart.

Speak your mind!
Be appreciated!

Because you deserve it…

It’s too bad that the Vikings are losing. They just need to go Berserker for a while…