Derby entry comments for Derby #607: Video Games IV: Honor Among Sleeves

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Based on the later (2008-2016) SF video games.

Neko Atsume - This is pretty much the whole game.

A shirt for those clan members (not that kind of clan) that are just a little too eager to run out into the battlefield. They always wander on their own, firing before getting around every corner. They are always the first to die; the first to put you behind. They’ll die another 20 times and have a kill/death ration of 10/22. They’re the first to respawn, and respawn, and respawn over and over again.

I wonder if anyone remembers the game Catherine(?)


Yes, I’m still playing Pokémon Go. Up to level 33! :slight_smile:

Be careful of the neighbour kirby…

Judgmental Poke Ball wants you to go to the gym.

A re-imagining of an older concept I had. What kind of gamer are you?

Gotta exterminate them zombies.

My favorite part about playing SIMS is the godlike control I wield over their lives. “No - you can’t go to sleep. I command you to cook scrambled eggs instead!”

I might have to explain this one (Unless there are lots of other Good Hunters out there!)

This is based on Bloodborne, a Lovecraftian-style horror game released in 2015.

The pose is the “Make Contact” gesture, used to communicate with “Great Ones” I thought this was an appropriate mash-up. :slight_smile:

Because donald jump was just too silly. :tongue:

lol, nice one. GMV!

A winner, Kevlar! Great job.

Bonus points to anyone who can translate the latin on the banners :wink:

It’s dangerous to start a wild rumpus alone!

Really well done. Love the colors!

I’d play that game. But this is not the derby you’re looking for.