Derby Preview #692: Re-MEME-ber That!

Memes. On shirts. It’s a thing.

Let’s do it! Let’s pick the best and most popular meme’s for this week’s derby, put them through the parody-humor-mashup machine and print them on tees! That’s right folks we’re looking at the best the internet has graced us with for inspiration this week. To be clear, you must draw inspiration from memes, we will not print the actual meme on shirts. We are looking for parody, mash-ups or other references to these most cherished humorous works that have spread through the world wide webs.

No cream shirts and no politics for this one!

I will be reworking and resurrecting the very first shirt I ever designed for Woot! I’m excited. :slight_smile:

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I will be expecting a bunch of dogge (dodgy) shirts.

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Thought of this while telling my son why Star Trek is better than Star Wars.
An image of Jar Jar wearing a red long sleeve shirt. Caption: “Mees-a Mees-a rather be red shirt”.

Tell him… Star Wars, everything is magic. Star Trek, Nothing is.

Unleash the memes!

watches the clock expectantly