Derby Preview #697: Cycle of Life

Firstly, no Lion King. Secondly no linear evolution like this awesome example. Great design, but not the theme.

This week’s derby theme is based on the many cycles life has to offer. Humans, animals, nature, work, adulting…fine, cats. The cycle to depict is your choosing, but you must show multiple stages of the cycle in the design, it does not have to be a FULL cycle or a circle.

Submit your death designs though the regular submission portal! !

Another good derby theme, thanks!

@Lady5tark - I sent you a derby idea through the message system. Just wanted to mention it because messages are easy to miss.

I got it thank you! I was on OOO Friday and Monday so catching up but I will respond!

Thanks Kate!

You had been posting two weeks ahead on themes and…well…didn’t. Should I read anything into that?

Shirt.Woot’s T-List is usually in March, maybe that’s when it’s coming?


dundunnah!..that was a sort of drumroll…info coming soon!



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