Derby Preview #698: Classics Re-imagined


This week’s Derby Contest will be a fast-paced, electrifying, exciting, Mini-Derby! By mini we mean it will only run from noon CST on Monday 3/11 until noon CST on Thursday 3/14.

The theme for this super fun derby is re-imagining your best selling design on ShirtWoot! Take your best-selling ‘classic’ design and create a new version to become your new best-seller. Or if you are a new artist, invent a classic design that will become your best-seller! Think about what the ShirtWoot customer loves and wants to wear and create it!

Old designs must be at least 50% different from the originals. Old designs must be in the ShirtWoot catalog.

Designs as always must be your own and must be original. Please do not use other artists work - recreating something that is not yours to begin with will result in a rejection.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: 3/7/19 - There will be 1 daily spot awarded for this mini derby.

:tshirt: From the Shirt Desk: Derby Announcement!

Does it have to be THE best-seller or can it be A best-seller (a shirt that did well, but not necessarily #1 in the catalog)?


It does not have to be ‘the’ best-seller but one that did well. We just don’t want to re-imagine non-sellers…


Love this idea!


So, it’s kind of open theme for those of us who don’t have any best sellers? (I’m somewhat of a newbie / random doodler. Not a winner…yet)


I wish I could take the credit, but we can all thank @Spiritgreen for this one!




Yes absolutely, but I would encourage you to check out the best sellers on the site right now and all time best-sellers to get an idea of what sells well.


That @Spiritgreen is a creative genius.


What about a design that is still in my catalog, but is no longer available for print? I had one called “One Cute Ring” that was caught up in a C&D sweep, but’s it’s still there.


Was it in your top 5 or 6? The biggest thing I would worry about with that one would be the C&D. So if it were a BIG seller and you plan to use it, just make sure the new one does not incur a new C&D.


Agreed, @krittikae totally fine to use it as your original. Not sure what the design is but sounds LOTR? You just take the risk of getting a C&D, but no issues with using an out of print design.


@benjaminleebates - Yes, it was my #5 most popular, and honestly, the one I miss the most. I hardly ever wear my copy, so I don’t wear it out.

@Lady5tark - My thoughts exactly. It was LOTR, but I think a rework of the design will keep it from suffering the same fate, and I think it has great promise!

Thanks kindly!


Ok if I rework this one? I was thinking about making the milk 1%. :rofl:



Hardy har har.

What about a reformed monster? Cookie free.

Maybe in yoga pants, doing something obnoxious like…working out.



Seeing how the cookie monster has never actually had a cookie…


I hope you’re not implying he rabidly crumbles up the cookies so as to actually avoid eating said cookies. Because no! That may look like what he’s doing, every time, but would a cookie monster not eat cookies? I don’t think so.


Thanks for trying out the idea! I think it’ll be fun and make for some popular shirts.


No it was painted rice crackers