Derby Preview #908: REMIXED!

This one should be a good time! You can take any of your OWN favorite designs and give them a good remix or update!

  • It can be a design we have printed or haven’t printed (if we have printed it, bare in mind how well it sold before you remix it).

  • Last word of advice, make sure the remix you use is still relevant for 2023 (or make it relevant!).

No politics, no war, no cream shirts.
No celebrity likenesses in mockups/detail images.
One design per entry.
Up to 4 entries per artist.
No AI-generated art.

**This Derby begins MONDAY March 6 at 8pm, CST. & ends MONDAY March 13 at 8pm, CST. The three winning designs will be featured as a Daily offer the week the Derby ends. Great designs that don’t win may be included in an Editor’s Choice sale on Friday, so be sure to check back and see who makes the cut!

Please be sure to have your artwork ready to submit with your entry as part of the new submission process!

If you want to submit any off-topic designs, submit here!

If you are new to the derby and want to participate, WELCOME! Also, in addition to the rules above please check out our content guidelines here so you know what works and what doesn’t over here at Woot!

You can also download updated templates for your artwork over here . Happy designing!


Youtube Cooking GIF by Rosanna Pansino


Can we remix a design that was previously remixed? Should we keep the original name and add “remix” at the end or we can change it?

This could be very interesting…hmmm…

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Last word of advice, make sure the remix you use is still relevant for 2023 (or make it relevant!).

iPods have become “retro” already. :scream_cat:

Is it about using an existing design by changing only the colors of the shirt and the design? Or from an existing design make a new design based on it?
Thank you @randalma !

Just changing the shirt color (or the design colors) feels pretty lame. I’d go for larger adjustments.


catch and release cooking GIF by Laff

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Just checking to see if I’m on the right track…added a mascot character to my C3P0 vs Cubs mashup…

New Project - 2023-03-01T081832.601

Upon a second look, maybe I should drop the C3PO logo from the uniform…at that small size, it’s a bit too close for comfort to the actual logo…

Thoughts, @randalma ?

If it’s something we have printed before, please title it with Remix after! Great question!

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As Andy said, I’d go for larger adjustments; but it’s up to you!

I would agree with that! looks mismatched a bit.
And yes! this is right on track!

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What’s wrong with Cream?


Looking at the derby, it feels as though just changing the color of the shirt is what the majority of submissions did.

(Insert eye-roll gif)

You had to assume folks would. It’s the easiest thing to do.
I’m glad I reworked mine. I’m especially happy with my moonrise cookie :slight_smile:


I agree…came out really nice.
I’m super happy with my first real attempt at a kawaii character with my Wolveross remix.

Moral victory, even if it doesn’t make for a derby victory, I guess. LOL

You all killed it! This is going to take a while to go through, haha, so many great entries!
Eric Wareheim Mind Blown GIF by Tim and Eric