Design Content Guidelines for Woot Creatives

We know that making good art takes time. And figuring out what resonates with customers can take even longer. So here’s a little cheat sheet to help you know what kind of art Woot! customers (and art directors) are looking for:

The GOOD Stuff

• Clever designs with plenty of personality (witty and relatable)
• Designs about trending topics that reflect the pulse of pop culture (timely, relevant, buzzy)
• Retro-style designs that make any topic look old-school (vintage, nostalgic, throwback)
• Intelligent designs that appeal to nerds, introverts, and bookworms (smart and grammatically correct)
• Geeky designs craved by pop-culture fans and followers of all stripes (movies, gaming, TV, etc.)
• Edgy designs that flirt with the line without crossing it (irreverent, subtle, subversive)
• Cute designs with 1.21 jiggawatts of “SQUEEE” (cute, adorable, awwww)
• Artistic designs that can upgrade anyone’s wardrobe (fashionable, simple, stylish)
• Anything else! Don’t feel limited to this list. We’re always on the hunt for great artwork, regardless of the topic or style. So show us what you’ve got!

The BAD Stuff

• Curse words (Need to $#!%@? Use symbols instead of curse words.)
• Explicit sexual images or language (We might be willing to let some mild innuendo slide, though.)
• Plagiarized, pirated, or stolen content (Don’t be a thief. Be original.)
• Clipart (Because lame.)
• Likenesses of Public or Private Individuals (Unless as caricatures or parodies… those are cool.)

Derby Stuff

• In addition to the above, Derby entries should adhere to the specific directions provided in each Derby’s preview forum post (located in Artist Central).
• Entries should be clearly related to the Derby theme.
• Derby entries should be NEW designs that are NOT being sold anywhere else.
• Head here to learn more about our expectations for the Derby.

Now get busy and start submitting. We can’t wait to see your work!

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