Derby Preview #820: Zeitgeist

This ones going to be pretty open-ended, anything you feel fits the current zeitgeist of the world is fair game!


  1. the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.
    “the story captured the zeitgeist of the late 1960s”

No politics, no cream shirts.
No celebrity likenesses in mockups/detail images.
One design per entry (yes, you can still submit multiple designs to the Derby, just sub them separate).

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Oooooh…so much of the zeitgeist revolves around those forbidden topics though…I can see myself walking on the tightrope this week.

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But wouldn’t it be nice to think about things in the zeitgeist that has nothing to do with all the things that separate us? To try to find this things that aren’t politically expedient? To find those things that we can all enjoy and appreciate regardless of our own personal angst?

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Indeed…maybe it’s just my bubble that is in a constant struggle against racists, anti-maskers, and anti-vaxxers…but it’ shard to see beyond all that.

This weekend was particularly rough, with a truck flying a “Not-See” flag behind it driving through the local LGBTQ community main drag, and a mostly wealthy/white community throwing tortillas at a mostly Latino basketball team after beating them. Both events occurred this Saturday within 20 minutes of my home.

If you have examples of topics that can help me break through these things that cloud my view, I’d truly appreciate it.

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The funny thing is that the internet and TV makes us all feel like we MUST be on one side of an issue or another… And we really don’t. People think, deep down inside, all sort of ways and there is not any way that any law can change what is inside.
BUT! There is hope. When you go out into the real world, to the stores, and restaurants and events… You realize that people are mostly kind… I don’t assume that they are kind because they think the same as me, I assume they are kind because most of us are decent people. It only takes a few instances of people being complete buttholes to ruin the day… But why should anyone let them?
You can have 99 people smile at you, talk to you, and be kind… but then why should one person, who has some issues be allowed to erase all the kindness from the other 99?
Like I said the media has a stake in keeping us all divided into our tribes… Don’t let them. Things are not as bad out there as they want you to believe. It never has been.


All excellent points, and I tend to agree with you in many ways, but my family and many of my friends are members of marginalized communities that are in literal danger from the handful of buttholes out there. Makes it hard to relax.


I may not be a part of a minority, but the news wants me to feel like I can be drug out of my car and beat to death for being white. I literally know people that are scared to death to leave the house.
I have family members that are part of the “marginalized” communities. Some are preemptively hateful and some are kind. We have never been anything but kind, and simply because we have faith (which they used to) we are the enemy. Nothing we have ever said or done has been disparaging to people in marginalized groups. Actually, before they shifted their views, they used to say the most hateful things about people in various groups… We always openly discouraged them when they did it. People are people, we all deserve respect… Any action by an individual should not be used as an excuse to attack groups en masse, regardless of the justification you can get from people in the media or online. But maybe I am just showing my age by saying something so radical…


After the conversation on Facebook, I think it’s safe at this point to get rid of the covid/mask rule.