Derby Preview #816: Affirmations

You guys ever seen any of those affirmations running around social media? Those cute little sentences that will change your life?

“I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.”
“I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.”

Well, lets get Wooty on them; lets see some sarcastic or funny “affirmations”. You can make real positive ones if you’d like, but that might be less fun?

No politics, no cream shirts, no Covid/masks; Vaccine allowed.
No celebrity likenesses in mockups/detail images.
One design per entry.

**This Derby begins MONDAY May 31st at 8pm, CST. & ends MONDAY June 7th at 8pm, CST. The three winning designs will be featured as the Daily offers Tuesday-Thursday. Great designs that don’t win may be included in an Editor’s Choice sale on Friday, so be sure to check back and see who makes the cut!

Please be sure to have your artwork ready to submit with your entry as part of the new submission process!

If you want to submit any off-topic designs, submit here!

If you are new to the derby and want to participate, WELCOME! Also, in addition to the rules above please check out our content guidelines here so you know what works and what doesn’t over here at Woot!

You can also download updated templates for your artwork over here . Happy designing


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✘ NO politics.
✘ NO cream color shirts.
✘ NO Covid/masks.
✘ NO celebrity likenesses in mockups/detail images.
✘ NO more than one design per entry.

✓ Vaccine allowed.

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Never give up on your dreams!

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I affirm that you are correct.

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My dreams have been crushed by Woot and their BOC! I’ve been playing this game all day and was 75%, 98%, and a 100% when trying to purchase the BOC, so now I think I have this BOC figured out, it’s not worth playing any games anymore, and only buy something if I think it’s a great deal and wait and see if they send me what I ordered or something else that they send me instead, and there wasn’t even a color selection for the color I was sent, instead of dinosaurs :sauropod: for a 5 year old, and not the first time!? And it’s constantly logging me out when it’s time for a BOC otherwise! But at least send me what I order instead of just a Radom surprise :ok_hand::infinity::monkey::two_hearts:

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