Our SHIRT-losophy


We want every customer that visits Shirt.Woot to find a great deal on a great design; something they really love. That’s where you come in. The steady flow of high-quality submissions from artists like you is the secret sauce that let’s us connect our customers with great designs. But fair warning: we’re not like all those other dime-a-dozen t-shirt sites where anyone can upload and sell any design. Nope. We’re too picky for that. At Woot, we do SHIRT better. Here’s how:

  • WE CURATE. We don’t sell any old design. We hand-pick the best designs. Ones that appeal to our customer tastes (more on that here ). This means that we say “no” sometimes. Sorry, snowflake. It ain’t personal. Keep submitting. In the immortal words of Wayne Shirtzky, “You miss 100% of the shirts you don’t submit.”

  • WE TEST . Your art deserves the best. And so do our customers. That’s why we thoroughly test print every design before it goes on sale. It’s our mission to make sure your art will SHINE as it struts around on the shoulders of our happy customers.

  • WE KEEP IT SIMPLE . We offer a simple royalty structure for all of the products we sell. So don’t fret if you slept your way through Advanced Calculus.

  • WE KEEP IT FRESH. We launch a mix of rad new art and cool collections of classic designs every stinkin’ day.

  • WE MARKET . Getting the word out about your awesome art is a joint effort. We do our part by making it easy for customers to discover great designs through newsletters, social posts, and daily emails. What are you doing?

  • WE COLLABORATE . The Woot forums are great way for artists like you to connect and collaborate with other creative geniuses or to uncover valuable feedback from our eclectic cadre of customers. Explore Artist Central , stroll through Shenanigans , delve into Deal Chatter , or get the Forum 411 from ThunderThighs, the forum’s (mostly) benevolent overlord.

  • WE COMMUNICATE . We like our artists. A lot. So in addition to the Artist Central forum, we keep in touch through a weekly Artist Newsletter. Submit a design here to subscribe!

Ready to get started? Great! You can check out a quick overview of the Shirt biz here, learn more about the art we’re looking for here, and submit your artwork here.

The Art of the Matter: What We Look For and What Our Customers Want
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