A Breakdown of Available Colors For Each Woot! Shirt Apparel Type

Howdy! Some of you have asked to see what apparel products are available on each of our standard colors. Well ask no more. The chart below breaks it all down for you:

And while we have your attention, check out these other helpful links below!


Great, needed, info. Thanks.

Add the version info in the description. That might come handy for both sides. E.g.:

  • Download Photoshop and Illustrator templates! (update 2020.06.13)

Is anyone aware that in the catalog, in the sort by color - that Purple is missing?


Huh. I’ll ask.

You can type in purple and see all the purple shirts.

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I will try that. Just thought it was odd to be missing that one color - I think all the others are there. But a Purpleholic like me is going to notice when my fav color is missing! Thanks!

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A couple of tees for your purple addiction:

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