HOLY SHIRT! It’s a Brand New Submission Experience!

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Guess what? Woot! Shirt has launched a rad new submission experience for Derbies AND for standard submissions! Incredible, right?!

We know you’re all excited to get in there and try it out with a BUNCH of new submissions, and no one wants to read through a HUGE post, so here’s are a few highlights about our sweet new process:

  • A cool new look with a streamlined, DRAG-AND-DROP workflow
  • Upload your print-ready PNG* artwork with EACH submission! No more emails from Woot (a.k.a.- Randy) harassing you to email us your file
  • A new INTERACTIVE preview page lets you preview your design on different colors and make sure the size & placement of the art is perfect
  • The same great process for Derby entries AND standard submissions

Ready to give it a spin? Great! We’re ready to see all your amazing work! Click on the links below to start:

And if you run across anything unexpected or uncover a bug, we’d like to hear about that so we can give those monkey’s a stern talking-to.

A couple FAQs

Q: Is the print-ready PNG file required for each submission?
A: Yes! Uploading your print-ready PNG file lets you preview the artwork to get it looking its best, and gets rid of the back-and-forth emails between us. We know, we’re sad about less e-mail, too. Need a refresher on our print specs? You can head here to review our updated design guidelines and download our templates.

Q: But what if I need to make adjustments to the artwork?
A: The new interactive preview page lets you try out different colors and see how the design will look on a printed shirt. This should help you get that oh-so-perfect touch to your design before you submit. Easy!

Q: Why can’t I submit to the Derby if my artwork has been submitted somewhere else?
A: Our customers want Derby entries to be new and exciting designs that have not been submitted elsewhere. It keeps the contest fun and exciting! Click here to review our Derby guidelines.


Holy Shirt? It’s a decent pun but the joke is on you. Your streamlined submission process will very likely lead to more mdW designs like these gems:

This new submission experience is a GREAT improvement. Kudos.