Hey! Where’d you get that long sleeve crew in red? Probably not from Woot. :smile:

It’s just a Gildan sweatshirt haha :laughing:

Woot doesn’t offer red long sleeve crews (glidan or otherwise) was what I was really getting at. Probably best not to include it if it isn’t a thing.

Are you sure? I didn’t think they offered royal blue crews either but there are some up for sale today. I was under the impression that if they offered the t color they offered the full range.

I’m sure. Long sleeve options are black, navy, royal blue, heather grey, and dark heather. No red. At least not yet.

Huh. Strange, I wonder why. I wish they’d list that somewhere in the submit page. Oh well, now I know. Thanks for the info

It’s a matter of demand. They don’t want to stock/inventory less popular colors in the long sleeve options. You can read about its intro here (literally one year ago).