Derby Preview #702: Tsar Raws

A new take on a clasSic series. Read beTween the letters and unscrAmble the anagRam to reveal this Week’s derby theme. Your only clue: MAy the 4th is almost heRe! Quite an elaborate ruSe this is!

No politics, no cream tees, no cats! I will not be afraid to use the iron DQ glove if you don’t get the theme right…so make sure you get it right.

Not into riddles? Submit off-topic designs through the regular submission portal.

This derby launches April 4th!

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Oh unfathomable universe, how will I decode this cryptic message?


I was really looking forward to pulling out my uncooked Russian Royalty designs. Darn it


Nanu-nanu. Loud and clear, @Lady5tark

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Hey guys, Krittikae’s husband here, I have an idea that I would like to see if someone want to take a shot at drawing. It would require the drawing of some humanoids, but with the right artist and execution I think it will be a hit. If you are interested in it, let Krittikae or I know! We would do it, but humanoids are not our strong suit :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone have a good source or list for no-no words to use in this derby… Things that will get your shirt auto-rejected for fear of C&D?

The line between parody and legality is muddy, but for certain, any design using any proper names is an easy reason for rejection.

Is wookie reject fodder?

Lucasfilms has “Wookiee” trademarked.

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