Derby Preview #705: Pop Culture: NOW!

We are looking for designs that represent current popular culture this week! Designs can show current movies, books, television, events, music and movements in the current zeitgeist. Please make sure to parody all franchises and copyrighted brands etc.

We want to see designs that encompass ideas, perspectives, attitudes and images of our modern culture and so we are limiting the time period to the past 5 years.

We are not interested in seeing political designs YET, so hold your horses there. And also no cream tees. Let’s also stay away from any sensitive material.

This derby will run April 24th - May 2nd.

Not interested in designing for current events? Submit through the regular portal over here!

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Soooo, Game of Thrones?

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Acraigl, I’m looking at YOU.



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HAhaHa, I totally didn’t event think of you when I wrote that, but that works too.

Really what I meant was grizzly crimes and stuff, things that are in poor taste. I think I listen to too many crime podcasts so I just assume y’all are gonna go dark…


So, we shouldn’t perpetuate a grisly murder just so we have something to shirt about?

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