Derby #265: Imaginary Restaurants

Well yay for no pop culture :smiley:

That doesn’t say no pop culture, it says no pop culture riffs. I’m not sure what the difference is, but trust me, we’re going to see at least 5 unrejected pop-designs.

I hope not, would love to see more original designs.

I am hoping the “Of your very own creation” and the “Do something original” are enough to justify the ban parade…

Because more than 10% of the last derby had any reference to final wish, or to third wish?

Would it be considered a pop culture reference if the reference is well over 70 years old?

A confusing/difficult theme isn’t the same thing as a “no pop culture” rule, I don’t think the addition of the word riffs is significant. I think they will reject any pop culture period.

The only fuzziness is, as usual, what is pop culture? So we’ll still see ninjas and zombies and such, just not TMNT or Mario

depends on how old your pop is!

I don’t think pop culture has an age limit. Nighthawks is 70 years old and they nipped that in the bud…

Atleast this time, read the basic rules before submitting. Potty humor, racism, indecency -everything was running wild in last derby, it’s disgusting.

a Riff is a distict variation, it’s taking something existing, and altering it to fit as though it were something else. The more I stare at this, the more I’m thinking things like:

  • Kentucky Fried Cuccos
  • Campbells Cream of 1-Up soup
  • TMNT at the Nighthawk Diner
    are all riffs, but something like
  • Umbrella Corperate Cafeteria
  • Killer Rabbit BBQ sauce
  • TARDIS Turnovers (more fruit on the inside!)
    Are all pop culture, but not riffs.

I think Woot needs to stop trying to be cute with the rules though. I know it’s gotta be boring to type “no pop culture” once every 2-3 weeks, but ambiguity and tight deadlines are stressful combinations.

You realise that other than the vague “the design’s content is offensive or obscene” none of those are actually mentioned?

Also, while last derby was worse, there’s at least 3 shirts in that category every week.

ambiguity and tight deadlines make it challenging, but I think that is the point. I am getting tired of seeing Zelda logos with a title that refrences the theme, it’s just lazy.

It would be NICE to see some cool designs. MEANING can we please have less kittens, bunnies, unicorns, rainbows, lollipops, ponies and stuff that makes MOST people puke. :slight_smile:

AGREE 200%

I have never seen one of those, can you provide links?

there was one in the most recent derby

So I guess no ‘Restaurant At The End of the Universe’ references? :frowning:

I’m a little confused by this. The rules just asked what your final wish would be if you had three wishes? That could pretty much anything depending on the person. As long some element of wish-fulfillment comes across it seems hard to go off-topic on that theme. Granted, it’s pretty wide open, but some derbies are.

Also no pop-culture in this one. Riffs, jams, odes, or otherwise. Seriously, keep it original. No Shakespeare, no Lovecraft, just no. This is all about the food. Let’s leave Doctor Who out of it.

And our guest editor…