Derby Preview #709: American Vintage


It’s that patriotic time of year, where we celebrate all the American things. To get ready for the fireworks and hot dogs we need that t-shirt artwork! Designs must have a vintage or retro element, either in content or design aesthetic and obviously must be America themed.
No cream tees and no politics!

This derby runs May 23rd to May 30th!

Don’t want to do retro or vintage? Submit through the regular submission portal!


How strict is the no politics rule for this? Is the intention to avoid all politics, or just modern politics?

For instance, would a retro election campaign shirt for Abraham Lincoln or George Washington be rejected?


Good question! In today’s climate even being patriotic is seen as political… to some.



plus @benjaminleebates
I am hesitant to opening politics up to historical political references, but historical political figures would be fine.

I think we should stay away from campaign shirts, given the campaign time we are entering. Even if they are historical, too many parallels could be drawn and taken the wrong way, also how do we communicate and police that? Something to consider for go forward definitely, but not for this derby.

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Thanks for the feedback. I hope you don’t mind my memes and jokes when you post the derby subject. Every derby has such potential to bring something great! I am often the 10th man in these things. So I hope my quick criticism is seen as assistance in clarification and not just knee-JERK reaction.
On a side note… Anything in the works for partnering with other companies on upcoming derbies?
I know that people really come out of the woodwork to submit and vote when there are little extra giveaways and added perks to subbing and voting! Just a thought to invigorate the derbies.


I don’t! That’s the kind of excitement we need around the derby and I appreciate your engagement!

Nothing concrete yet, but always working to make enticing partnerships, projects or contests!

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