Derby Preview #717: Gaming & Movie Mash-ups!

EDIT 7/14/19: Apologies for not being clear before but NO POLITICS are allowed in this derby.

Ahh the ultimate pop-culture derby…we are looking for mash-ups of movies and games. The games can be video games, board games, card games, back-yard games…if you can play it it’s valid! And movies are movies yo…so you know how they work. Mash em up together, spit out a great design that folks will want to buy on a shirt.

No cream tees . NO POLITICS, yada yada…oh and we have a GUEST EDITOR for this one!!! It’s @krittikae, so bring your A-game and don’t let her down. I will hand over to her to answer all your questions…

This Derby begins THURSDAY July 18th & ends THURSDAY July 25th at noon, CST. The three winning designs will be featured as the Daily offers Friday - Sunday. Great designs that don’t win may be included in an Editor’s Choice sale each Monday, so be sure to check back and see who makes the cut!

If you want to submit something not fun, submit here!





“And movies are movies yo” made my day for whatever reason.


I love the entries! Really great work everyone!


Not happy that my Settlers of Tatooine was rejected. You asked for a mashup… I mashed up Star Wars IV and Settlers of Catan. A movie and a game. Completely redesigned the game cards based on scenes from the movie. I’m at a loss. From fog to rejected…

Thank you for voicing your concerns, and I understand it’s frustrating, but thank you for bringing the conversation here so we can discuss! The issue was the imagery (especially Luke) was too similar to the original photography owned by the studio - not enough parody. If you had drawn him in a different style for example, there would not have been an issue.

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understood. thanks. @acraigl talked me down. lol

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