Derby Preview #743: Three Marker Challenge

@Lady5tark Serious question… when you say the shirt color can’t be part of the design… what does that actually mean? No “holes” in the design? Like if I do piping or something, the negative space all has to be filled?

If I had to guess, believe that a little while back, it was desired to have designs be “filled in” so that it can be offered on different colored blanks without affecting the outcome.

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Right on @Narfcake@acraigl the shirt color can be background, so imagine you drew a room with a person in it for your design…Now imagine you drew perspective lines to indicate walls and a floor. In this design, no part of the person could use negative space with the shirt color showing through, BUT you could use the shirt color for the walls and floor. Does that make sense? In theory that design could then be printed on any color shirt and the color of the walls and floor would change, but the person and the perspective lines would stay the same and still work…

If more color choices for the buyer is the end purpose, then would the powers at woot be sure to only give options that suit the shirt? If my design is lighter colors on a dark field, would woot peeps be sure to only give dark tones as an option? Just asking. Can’t be everything to everyone, you know.

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. It’s not happening tomorrow, we have some time to work out the kinks.

Would a black or white silhouette of something be acceptable? or is it only allowed to be used as a highlight/shadow/outline?

Seeing a lot of entries so far using that “extra” black or white very liberally. Like text, full design elements, etc. Is this allowed? If so I might try to finish up another design or 2.

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Do we have to use all 3 colors or can we just go, pick one of them and finish our design?

No it is not allowed, we are working on it with artists.

You have to use all 3 colors.

Only allowed to be highlights or shadows.