Digital Crap on the App

The game just flashed a bunch, then a screen came up telling me that I had gotten a perfect score. I’ll take it. Here’s your digital crap offering.


That’s odd. I tested it on my iPhone just now and it’s working as of this moment. I don’t promise much after I post this response.

So I just got my first App Crap a few weeks ago after trying for ages… Since then I’ve gotten it 3 more times and screwed by the 31 day rule… Woot is mocking me


10 years. That’s about how long I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to get a bag of crap. I’m super stoked I finally won. I know I won’t be disappointed with the contents because i really don’t care, that’s a long 10 years. It was destiny I win this one, Bandages on Cuts, as I had an accident a week ago and this is currently my left hand.



You need to wear gloves, folks.
Clicking F5 rapidly can seriously damage the fingers.


I agree! You don’t need no stinkin’ time off! :joy:

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lol background slack conversations bite me again. I guess it’s innocuous enough.

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I ordered this.

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I got a Panasonic RF-2400 AM/FM Radio for Digital Crap, and let me tell you it was lucky I did. Not long after I got it, wildfires moved through my area and I was without power for a week. That radio was on all the time, and lasted on one set of iffy batteries found at the back of a junk drawer for the whole week. Video of it in action-



Ha! Made it to 9 on Concussion Monkey. This was after many tries, of course. I hate the new Woot! Oops…I mean monkey game. Perhaps I should invest in a poop helicopter to ease the sting of 15 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.:poop::roll_eyes:


It’s getting easier. I think the trick is to genuinely not care whether he makes it or not.


Fun new game!


New game is soooo much better then Monkey Concussion!
Challenging, but not impossible.
I gave up on the other one after 30 minutes of trying and not getting over a 3.

Space Monkey=😃 Monkey Hop (Concussion)=😖

Glad you’re enjoying the new game! It’ll be in the regular rotation now.


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Is the new game just chance? How do you move - my monkey just fell straight down, rarely into a banana, often into an asteroid.

Same… No idea how move?!

Tap & hold on the monkey and drag him around. Kill the aliens with the exhaust from his jet pack. Run over bananas for health.

Score 500 to “win”.

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