Digital Crap on the App


What is Digital Crap?

Thanks for asking. It’s something that appears on the Woot! app ONLY ON WEEKENDS.

How do I find it?

Look for this banner, towards the bottom of the main Woot! app page, and click on it


How do I play?

It’s easy. You move the monkey around using the arrows or by tilting your phone.

Then what happens?

Once you fall, you can either play again, or see if you’ve unlocked a reward. Don’t worry about your score; it’s a random selection to win or lose.

If you win, you’ll see something like this:

If you lose, you’ll get a different screen, with a joke or something silly:

That’s it! Just a little something we’re trying out each week. We’ll be testing out different games and different awards, so go give it a spin, and see if you win! You can play as many times as you want, but you can only check to see if you’ve won once per day.

Let us know below what you think. Thanks!


That’s good to know… I was wondering if the score had anything to do with it. Now I know it doesn’t. :slight_smile:


I won I won!!! Wait… Whats this? You’ve gotten a crap in the last 31days… Can’t claim my prize :sob::sob::sob:



Sweet i won a Bag of Carrots! Thanks Woot!


Got one! Woohoo!


If you don’t win just delete app storage and you can play again #hackerman


Thank you for my Bag O’ Crap!


My main page doesn’t look anything like that. There is no banner for the game. All I have is a header with Featured, Best Sellers, and Browse. Where do I find the game?



It’s only on the Woot App. If you have that, just scroll down from the Home Tab.


There is no home tab on my app. Just the three I mentioned.


Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Also, make sure you have the latest app.


At the bottom is the link to Today’s Monkey Chat.

I’ll check for an app-update, brb…


Ok, that doesn’t seem to’ve worked.

I got the woot! logo on white background for a looonnnnggggg minute. Now it shows pie-in-the-face monkeys and “How rude!” for the homepage. Other pages seem to open fine though.

Turned the iPad off completely, let it sit another long minute. Trying to open the app. And now all I get is the logo opening screen, then it crashes.

I want to play the game! Nebbermind winning crap, I just wanna play!



Well, letting it sit longer seems to’ve worked. I got the game.

But I must’ve clicked on something wrong? I played once, and now it won’t let me play again. Gives me a message I already opened my Digital Crap for today. What did I do? I didn’t even see my score. I want to keep playing.



You only get one shot at it a day. After you see if have won, you can’t go back and play again.

However, you can keep playing if you ask to do it before you see if you won.

It is possible with all the stuff you’ve done today that it somehow got to the point of seeing if you won. I’d guess it will act properly tomorrow with your new chance. Just don’t go clicking to see if you’ve won until you are done playing the game.


Well it looks like I got a app bag of crap…

Yay… And there was much rejoicing.

Now does my 30-day wait for another bag of crap start today? :grin:


Well that’s no fun.

Hey TT, how about making the game separate from winning Crap? Or somehow noting if we check for winning and put a block on us (similar to how the system knows we bought a Bag in the past 31 days), so we can’t check again yet can keep playing the game.

D’ya know, I still play the monkey jump and monkey game games. And there’s nothing to win on either of those. Just a fun stupid time waste. I’m so glad woot! has kept those active!



I’m with you- it would be nice to be able to play later in the day for no prize.


No, no 30 day wait on App BOC would be my guess…