Friday Digital Crap

Last week was the Woot-opoly which arrived and is just awesome!

Anyone know what today’s “Whats that Animal” reward is?

I only ask because getting to 200 is pure torture for me, I get close then lose focus and, well just say this game takes it out of me. But if it is worth it I will certainly keep trying.

C’mon winners, share the info!

It’s monkey business.

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My deal was for Woot screaming monkeys

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Does anyone know if you have to claim the reward on THE game you got over 200 points on? My game says Best 213 but it wasn’t the last game I played. I don’t want to waste my try to find out.

I just keep getting the I miss the old woot shirt :cry:. I did get a cool shirt last Sunday though!

Nevermind. Boo. I went ahead and tried, got the shirt offer too. lol

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Good to know…I was tempted to try it without scoring 200 to see if it actually checked.

Woot Screaming Monkeys - $4.99 for my prize today

I think you have to score 200 miserable points (can you tell I despise this game?) Before you can get the app crap, but I had apparently gotten it and didn’t realize since it said my top score was over 200. UNLESS it caches my top score from last week, or whenever wootopoly was offered.

I wasn’t sure if I had gone over 200 today, I know I was close at least.

So my question was, if I HAD gone over 200 a game or two earlier, would I still be eligible for the app crap.