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Creative and roleplay. Should be fun.

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Is it my phone or what?

  • Furniture can combine to fit all friends; push 2 beds together for a larger one

For all friends? It’s that kind of party, huh?


Don’t use wifi

I tried to buy this at 12 cst on there dot, it sold out while I was checking out. It seems this style out in under 15 seconds. What was the point of even doing this? I get that flash sales are quick, but seconds? :rage:

Got through checkout and it showed paid then there’s this what gives?!

(VMod edit: Removed your personal info.)

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I was robbed!

  1. I removed your personal info.
  2. It’s just like B0Cs - Your payment was accepted, but they ran out of inventory before assigning one to you. :frowning:

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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Yeah so…

11:58pm CST: Logged in through Amazon prime? Yup. CHECK!
11:59-12:00: REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH… OKAY! There it is, a $1 dollhouse! My 2yo (and 4mo) will love it! And my wife won’t even mind!
Put in password, wait for 2-step verification code…
12:01am: Put in code.
SOLD OUT!?!?!?!?!

I hate you Woot.
(Sometimes, at least)

No happy birthday wishes from me right now!

(But I’ll get over it when I wake up)

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Yeah that sucks but thanks


Log out of the Woot app a couple of minutes before the rollover, then log back in again.

(At least, it helps me that way.)


Woot: “Cool items for $1”

Us: “Yay!”

Amazon Overlords: “Uh Woot? You can’t do that. You’ll lose money. Our money.”

Woot: (whispers) “Don’t worry we only have like 4 dollhouses in stock. No one will actually be able to buy one.”

Amazon Overlords: “So what’s the point?”

Woot: “To make the puppets dance of course. Well that and to harvest their delicious tears.”

Amazon Overlords: That’s devious and evil. We love it. Your training is coming along well my apprentice."

Woot: :smiling_imp:


LOL. Quantities are limited but not THAT limited.

Pro tip: the marker box is the chimney.

Mind-Blowing GIF by Salman Khan Films

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  1. You got it already?
  2. Wow. I just noticed that picture. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I give the dollhouse away.

We just finished assembling. The toggles that hold the book on the back are secured with a nut and bolt. Those tiny nuts were impossible to tighten without a proper socket wrench. Otherwise easy enough. Kid helped a lot!

Kid won’t let me draw a murder scene on one of the pages…


Wait, I was planning on drawing a murder scene on one of the pages.

My kid will probably grant you permission to do that on your own.

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