Dream Cheeky USB Mirror

Why am I still up for this???

Isn’t even worth the $5.00 it costs to ship it.

OMG, they’ve got a zillion of 'em.

This is the perfect gift for a white elephant gifting.


Who in the hell only bought one? I mean really, they are a penny. Just giving my 2 cents worth :wink:

Do you think it would be possible if we could get the Bag of Cracker’s next? I haven’t wooted one since '08!

guess its time to goto bed…

If you know 3 little girls who needs stocking stuffers, this might fly…

If anyone really thinks they Need one of these…they Don’t Need one of these! In other words, if you can’t get up and step away from the computer to use a mirror, then you probably have Nothing that needs to be seen in a mirror!

Or…you are a vampire.


Good news! They only need to sell another 183… keep buying people.

Woot has to make up their money for the $5 shipping on the huge TVs they sell!

…I am at a loss for words…

They probably have 500 of these so it’ll be a while before they are sold out…unlike the foosball game which they only had 1 of in stock.

That just sounds creepy

i decided to buy 3 - great gag gift for the diva"S in the family or work place. Let’s move on to the next deal.

Grossly overpriced…

Oh boy… It comes with a User Guide! LOL


$5.03 / 3… $1.60 something? I’ll get a couple McChickens instead